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2050 Edinburgh City Vision

Scotland's Proud Capital

Throughout its history, Edinburgh has been a city of innovation and change.

The last 30 years have been no different. In the early 1980s Edinburgh was a city with population in decline, facing a changing economy and significant social health challenges.

In 2017, we are a successful city where population is growing more quickly than any other major city in the UK, and whose strong economy and quality of life is recognised across the world.

With this vibrancy and growth come many challenges. Whether it is in increased inequality and pockets of severe deprivation, or in increased pressure on our city infrastructure and environment, we know that the city needs to adapt and change again.

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Edinburgh needs an ambitious vision; one that we can all understand and buy into. This is why the city is embarking on a project to develop a vision for 2050.

Developing this vision will involve residents of all ages, businesses and groups from all sectors coming together to agree the type of city we all want Edinburgh to be. The City of Edinburgh Council will facilitate and support this hugely exciting piece of work.

This will give us an opportunity to think about the long-term future of our city and create a meaningful statement of the kind of city Edinburgh aspires to be. We want to bring together everyone with an interest in the city and unlocking the creative potential of all partners.

Findings so far

Edinburgh should be a city full of opportunity and innovation with no barriers to achievement, according to our initial findings.

The feedback (5,700 submissions, and counting) has been summarised into four emerging themes, revealing that residents, businesses and organisations in the Capital want Edinburgh to be an ‘inspired, connected, fair and thriving city’ in 2050.

Join the conversation

To help us build this vision for Edinburgh, tell us about your vision for:

- Edinburgh’s people: you, your family and your community
- Edinburgh’s economy: your job, your business and your money
- Edinburgh’s environment: your home, your street and your planet

Be part of the conversation - give us your answer to three simple questions:

- What is great about Edinburgh as a city in 2017?
- What could be better?
- What should Edinburgh be like in 2050?

Get involved on social media using the hashtag #Edinburgh2050

Hold your own discussion

Involve your own organisation, friends, neighbours, family, school, college... 

Download our discussion toolkit: 

City Vision Presentation Slides >

Briefing Document > 

Background information

Edinburgh: A Changing City - overview of the city’s demographic growth and changes, 1980s to 2000s

A timeline of change: Edinburgh 1984-2016 >

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