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Edinburgh Beer Factory

Unit 15, Bankhead Industrial Estate, 32 Bankhead Drive, Edinburgh EH11 4EQ


Telephone: 0131 442 4562


Twitter: @edbeerfactory

Facebook: /edbeerfactory

End Date: 30 April 2018

Additional Information

The Edinburgh Beer Factory is a family owned microbrewery. Founded in 2015, they seek to reinvent overlooked and underestimates beer styles, like lager; re-making them in Edinburgh and challenging the stereotypes associated with them. Put simply, they make beer beautiful.

Their ethos is about celebrating the finest qualities of modern Scotland; creativity, innovation and open-mindedness. From this, we’ve named our first beer, ‘Paolozzi’, after Scots-Italian sculptor, designer, and pioneer of Pop Art, Eduardo Paolozzi.

Their brewery tours are for everyone. Art meets science meets business. They believe that beer, especially lager, is about more than just liquid – it’s an experience.

Tours include a brewer-led brewery tour, two drinks, snack food, tutored tasting of Unfiltered-Paolozzi straight from the brewery tanks and a £5 voucher for the gift shop.

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