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Beltane Fire Festival 2017

Join hundreds of performers and thousands of revellers as they come together on Sunday 30th April 2017 on Calton Hill to celebrate the death of winter and the birth of summer by casting off the darkness and celebrating the light on one of the most magical nights of the year.

About the Beltane Fire Festival 2017

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[Image credit: Martin McCarthy]

This year marks the 30th year of Edinburgh's Beltane Fire Society's Beltane celebrations, so expect some extra special touches to make 2017's festivities even brighter and better. Organisers say they are pulling out all the stops, with even more fire and exciting, strange things to see. The night will include giant puppets, intricate cosutmes, new fire sculptures and fire dancing moves. 

Beltane is a celebration of the elemental story of death and re-birth and the eternal battle of the seasons, as played out with fire, drums, pyrotechnics and a procession.

A modern interpretation of the ancient fertility festival, Beltane is the only festival of its kind in the world. Pulsating drums are the heartbeat of this fully immersive fire festival that takes place in an outdoor night-time setting and with no physical curtains or barriers.

Come face-to-face with an array of colourful characters as they make their way around the hill, or step back and marvel at the scale of a production brought together by around three hundred dedicated volunteers. 

Instead of one single central point where everything is performed, there are multiple points of focus spread around Calton Hill, with views across the night-time cityscape of Edinburgh and the Firth of Forth.

Want to learn more about Beltane? On the day before the main event (29th April) there will be a free open day to invite families to talk to the Beltane Fire Society and hear stories told by some of their characters. Keep an eye on for updates. 


Tickets are selling fast and can be purchased in person from Tickets Scotland Edinburgh on Rose Street or via

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