3 ways to celebrate International Chocolate Cake Day in Edinburgh

20 January 2021

Cuckoos Bakery Chocolate Cake

Image by Cuckoo's Bakery

Who doesn’t love a big slice of gooey, warm and velvety chocolate cake? If you’re drooling at the mere thought of chocolate cake, then you’re going to love International Chocolate Cake Day. 

When to celebrate International Chocolate Cake Day

Get it in your calendar so you don’t forget. It takes place on 27 January around the world. Don’t confuse this joyous day with the slightly better known World Chocolate Day which happens in July. International Chocolate Cake Day is all about the cake, which is great news because we now have permission to get all chocolatey on two different days. Yes! 

Why we celebrate International Chocolate Cake Day

There is a historic reason for celebrating (although, ‘January’ is reason enough as far as we’re concerned!). The day was cooked up by chocolate cake enthusiasts to celebrate the tasty treat’s rich history.

The first known recipe for chocolate cake featured in Eliza Leslie’s cookbook in 1847. 100 years later, and chocolate cake was still a dessert reserved for the few. Until, that is, Betty Crocker created the first ever pre-made cake mix. As you can imagine it flew off the shelves and chocolate cake became a popular treat for the masses. 

The Chocolate Tree Comfort Food

Image by The Chocolate Tree (now the Maytree in Bruntsfield)

We’ve come up with 3 amazing ways to celebrate this gooey day and give this day the respect it deserves! 

1. Support your favourite local chocolate cake maker!

If you have a favourite haunt - be it a neighbourhood cafe, a much-loved restaurant or a bakery you treat yourself with let them know International Chocolate Cake Day is coming. They might use the celebration as a way to come up with a special menu for the day and entice more customers through the door. 

Or they might just keep serving up their tried and tested chocolate desserts! Whatever they do, use this as a great excuse (as if you need one) to shop local and support your favourite business. January is a quiet month for hospitality - every little helps. 

2. Go on a chocolate cake hunt 

If you’re in the mood for new experiences, there might be a new favourite chocolate cake place just waiting for you round the corner! 

We’ve trawled the streets of Edinburgh to find the best examples of chocolate cake the city has to offer. It was a tough job, but someone had to do it! Here’s some of our favourites: 

The Roseleaf

A lovely restaurant and bar, tucked a little way from the water in Leith. They’ve been serving up delicious, warm, gooey, rich and utterly heavenly chocolate cake and brownies for decades. Enjoy it with one of their speciality teas and coffees, all served in delightful china teapots and cups. 

The Roseleaf, 23 Sandport Way, Edinburgh EH6.

Visit the Roseleaf website

The Sicilian Pastry Shop

Is this one of Edinburgh’s best kept secrets? This bakery is a feast for the eyes before even sampling the goodies with packed out chiller cabinets and shelves full of heart warming delights. They make chocolate cakes to order so you can collect and take home, but it's always worth heading into the shop to browse. They put out fresh chocolate cakes and other chocolatey indulgences every day. One word of warning - get there early. There are always queues out the door and once they’re gone...they’re gone! 

The Sicilian Pastry Shop, 14 Albert Street, EH7.

Visit the Sicilian Pastry Shop on Facebook

Cuckoo's Bakery

With three venues throughout the city - there’s three times more cake to enjoy! Wherever you are in Edinburgh you’ll be able to sample their chocolate wares. 

They have so many cakes on offer it’s almost impossible to choose, but as it’s International Chocolate Cake Day, we recommend their ‘Chocolate Chocolate’ cake. A cake so delicious they named it twice!

Debenhams, 109 Princes St, EH2

150 Dundas Street, EH3

116 Bruntsfield Place, EH10

Visit the Cuckoo's Bakery website

3. Make your own celebration chocolate cake

Whether you’re an expert cake baker or a complete novice, there’s nothing quite like the aroma of warm, moist, heavenly chocolate cake wafting around your home. 

Maybe you’ve got a favourite chocolate cake recipe of your own, or maybe you’d like to try a whole new twist on a much loved recipe. Whatever you choose to bake for International Chocolate Cake Day, there’s so many great recipes to try online. 

Here’s two that might take your fancy. 

GBBO winner Peter Sawkins’ gluten free chocolate orange cake

Edinburgh born Peter wowed the 2020 Bake Off viewers with his inventive and intricate baking week after week. 

As the youngest ever winner (just 20 years old), he put so much love into his creations, many of which were gluten free. Have a go at his sumptuous chocolate orange battenburg cake for a twist on the traditional cake recipes.

Chocolate Cake - the original 

If you want to go back in time with your chocolate cake baking, why not go all the way back to the very beginning? This is the original 1847 Chocolate Cake recipe from Elisa Leslies’s cookbook. As delicious now as it was back then. 

Go forth and celebrate!

However you choose to celebrate International Chocolate Cake Day, have fun with it. And if you find you’ve made too much cake and you’re keen to avoid waste - send some our way!