5 top tips for Veganuary in Edinburgh

27 December 2020

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After the over indulgences of the festive season, many of us look to January as the month to get fitter and healthier. For many, that might look like joining a gym, taking up jogging or going on a diet. 

For many others, January is a chance to reset their healthy habits by eating in a more ethical and sustainable way by taking part in the month long Veganuary initiative. 

Read on to find out more about Veganuary, how to get involved and how to start your vegan adventures in Edinburgh. 

Background of Veganuary

Unless you live in a shack in the woods with no wifi, you will have heard of Veganuary. If not, then this is a great place to start. 

The initiative was started by Jane Land and Matthew Glover as a way to promote the health and environmental benefits of a plant based diet. It’s been going since 2014 and has seen over 1million people pledge to go vegan for the full 31 days of January. 

Participants are made up from over 190 countries worldwide and the non profit organisation has been monumental in shifting attitudes toward vegans and veganism. 

How to get involved 

Of course, you can do Veganuary without going down the formal route of registering, but if you like feeling part of a movement then pledging your Veganuary intention means you’re strengthening the data and statistics Veganuary relies on for it’s activism and reach around the world. 

Simply pledge here at the Veganuary website and you’ll receive a free ‘getting started’ pack in your inbox. The team send you regular emails of support in the shape of encouragement, useful information, recipes and meal planning. 

Going vegan in Edinburgh

It’s never been easier to be a Vegan in Edinburgh. Here are 5 brilliant sources for help for your Veganuary adventures in the city.

Veganuary in Edinburgh tip 1:  Missing your favourite chippy?

There’s nothing quite like a fish supper, which isn’t very useful when you’re going vegan. You’ll find lots of ‘fish’ options in the vegan restaurants around the city, but not many in a good old chippy. 

Enter Bertie’s Fish & Chips on Victoria Street, Edinburgh. As well as all the usual traditional (and not so traditional) options on the menu, they offer a vegan fish supper - which is thick slabs of aubergine, wrapped in seaweed and deep fried in batter. Served with chips and mushy peas, it’s absolute heaven.

They do home delivery throughout the city so you don’t have to leave your house to buy it!

Veganuary in Edinburgh tip 2: What about the cheese? 

Many people wouldn’t consider going vegan because they love cheese so much. If that’s been a concern of yours, then take a look at Edinburgh-based Earthy Vegan Cheese

Their mission is to create delicious vegan cheeses that taste, look and feel better than dairy cheese! You can get your hands on some at the Beetroot Police box in the Meadows, or check their website to look up local stockists, or order directly.

Veganuary in Edinburgh tip 3: Where to eat out?

Edinburgh has so many amazing vegan restaurants, cafes, delis and bars, it can be hard to know where to start!

We've shared a few favourites in the past which you can explore here

Top Vegan Meals in Edinburgh >

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For other recommendations and tips, the Vegan Edinburgh Facebook group is a great source of information. Run by the Edinburgh vegan food blogger Emma Bathgate, she regularly updates the group with her latest vegan finds, tips, recommendations and news.  

Follow Vegan Edinburgh on Facebook

Veganuary in Edinburgh tip 4: Where can I buy ingredients? 

Supermarkets have long cottoned on that there’s money to be made in the vegan movement, and it’s so much easier now to buy all the vegan ingredients you could ever need. 

If you want to support small, local business here’s our two favourite vegan supply stores. 

Real Foods is a real Edinburgh institution and has been serving the city’s vegan, vegetarian and health food fans for over 50  years. 

You can find Real Foods on Broughton Street, EH1 and Brougham Street, EH3 and you can order online, too.

Easter Greens is the city’s only 100% vegan supermarket. As well as stocking everything (and we mean everything) you would normally add to your weekly shop, they have an online shop, and offer weekly fruit and/or veg boxes - delivered to your door. 

You’ll find Easter Greens on Easter Road, EH7 and Morningside Road, EH10

Veganuary in Edinburgh tip 5: Worried about special celebrations?

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If you’ve got a big celebration in January, you might be worried about sticking to your goals, especially if you’re celebrating with non vegans. 6 by Nico could be the answer. They’ve been keeping fine diners happy at home since early 2020 and have a wonderful selection of meals to order for collection or delivery that stand out from traditional ‘at home’ dining options.