Achieve New Year’s Resolution Success in Edinburgh

08 January 2015

Yes, it’s that time of year again! If you’re struggling to get started with your resolutions for 2015, we’ve put together some ideas of places across Edinburgh where you can reach your goals.

Prepare to become fully resolved.

Get Fit

Dance Base, 14 Grassmarket 

Dancebase 736

If you don’t fancy the thought of pumping iron or pounding the pavement this year, dancing is a great way to burn off those Christmas calories. Become more toned, more flexible, and even have a good time! From Hip Hop to Ballroom, Dance Base has it all.

Edinburgh Leisure, City-wide 

Ratho Climbing Wall

With affordable memberships in leisure centres across the city, Edinburgh Leisure’s gyms are your one-stop-shop to abs of steel. They also have great swimming pools, climbing walls and tennis courts if pounding the treadmill isn’t your thing. In Edinburgh Leisure’s own words, there’s “no excuses” this January.

Hanuman Thai Kickboxing, 10 Stewartfield

Thai Kickboxing 736

Far from being a sweaty man-cave, Hanuman Thai Kickboxing is the gentleman’s club of martial arts (with lots of female members to boot). With expert tuition from seasoned experts, the classes can help improve your speed, strength, power and flexibility - you’ll be ‘fighting fit’ in no time...

Eat Healthy 

Hula Juice Bar, 103 West Bow 

Hula Juice Bar 736

Never miss your 5 a day again with Hula’s delicious and nutritious juices, smoothies, and organic ‘boosters’. Also on offer are delicious and sensible breakfast options, served until 12pm. Scottish smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel anyone?

Union of Genius, Forrest Road

Union Of Genius 736

Hearty soups and delicious salads are the name of the game for this Edinburgh café. Soups change regularly and feature such delights as chorizo, potato and kale. Who ate all the pies? Not you. 

Social Bite, 131 Rose Street

Social Bite 736

Good for the wallet, good for the waistline and great for the soul. At Social Bite you not only get a range of healthy sandwiches, wraps and soups, but 100% of the profits are donated to good causes. Never before has lunch time been so morally fulfilling.

Expand Your Horizons

Edinburgh College, across Edinburgh 

Edinburgh College Grads 736

Whether you want to better your career prospects or just add another string to your bow this year, Edinburgh College has a range of new courses to suit every goal. Want to become an admin whizz? No problem. Fancy a career in Sound Engineering? Edinburgh College has got you covered. You can even learn a language and increase your prospects of meeting a tall, dark and handsome European.

Edinburgh Libraries, across Edinburgh 

Edinburgh Library 736

Acquire a new skill this year merely by using the power of reading. Whether you want to learn how to play poker, memorise all your contact numbers, or grow a bonsai, Edinburgh Libraries have it all, for free. They also hold regular events to suit every taste, which are worth checking out on their website.

Scottish Storytelling Centre, Royal Mile

Scottish Storytelling Centre 736

Everybody enjoys a good story. This creative centre in the heart of town is a space for you to indulge in tales of the unexpected as well as inspiring performances of music and traditional dance. Events coming up this month include; Scottish Urban Myths and Legends, The Story of Anne Frank, and Cosy Tales for little people.

Give Something Back 

Project Scotland, Nation-wide 

Project Scotland 736

Whether you’re a young person looking to help out in their community, or a professional interested in mentoring a volunteer, Project Scotland has opportunities across Edinburgh and throughout the country. Be a do-gooder this year. 

Edinburgh Marathon Festival

Edinburgh Marathon 736 (1)

There are literally hundreds of charities on the website you can register to run for, and don’t worry the festival includes short 5k races too, so you don’t have to be as fit as Mo Farah to enjoy this. If you want to go full-marathon this year, also be assured that the Edinburgh route is mostly downhill at the beginning and then flat the rest of the way… so get training!

Edinburgh Volunteer Centre, 24 Torphichen Street

Volunteer Centre Edinburgh 736

Apart from offering a huge variety of volunteering opportunities across Edinburgh, this charity also manages a Time Bank, meaning that for every hour of time you give you earn an hour of someone else’s time on credit. You could give someone a lift to an appointment, or teach them a bit of guitar, and in return get your garden tidied up. What could be better?