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Celebrating International Scotch Day in Edinburgh

01 February 2021

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[Image by Teuchters Bar]

Every year on the 8th February, we celebrate all things Scotch whisky. 

For over 500 years, Scotch whisky has been enjoyed in bars, taverns, restaurants, societies and front rooms across the land and this International Scotch Day celebrates Scotland's national tipple whilst celebrating the country’s rich history and reach across the world. 

Whisky lovers unite

If you already love whisky, you won’t need much excuse to unite with your favourite whisky pals and enjoy a tipple (or three) in good company. However, if you’ve not yet found ‘the one’, or you you’re Scotch curious, then why not use International Scotch Day as a good excuse to learn more about this golden drink - known in Gaelic as The Water of Life? 

How to celebrate International Scotch Day in Edinburgh 

Scotch Whisky Experience Christmas Whisky Tasting

[Image by The Scotch Whisky Experience]

There’s so many ways to get involved this year. Or if you’re more inclined to coorie in at home with a glass or two of your favourite Scotch. Here’s some of our favourite suggestions.

Please check local Covid-19 restrictions before booking anything - lots of places are offering online activities instead.

Enjoy a virtual tasting

Settle down with the experts as they guide you through the delights of Scotland’s national drink. The Scotch Whisky Experience offer virtual whisky regions & chocolate tasting events where they share with you the flavours found in the regional single malts, paired with artisan chocolate – delicious!

Plan your own whisky trail

Whisky Stramash

[Image by Stramash]

If you love planning adventures, then you’ll love researching and plotting your own Edinburgh whisky trail. Don’t forget to add in some of your own favourite Edinburgh whisky bars, and build in a few you’ve been meaning to try. 

If research is not your thing, then we’ve created an Edinburgh whisky trail especially for you. While you may not be able to visit these bars and attractions at the moment, why not bookmark them for future reference - add them to your bucket-list of places to visit in the future!

Whisky and cheese - yes please! 

We’ve been to one too many wine and cheese evenings over the years, so what about finding a different way to enjoy cheese and booze? Whisky and cheese pairings are growing in popularity. 

The Scottish Malt Whisky Society often hosts whisky and cheese tasting events, but you can host your own, too

Add a splash to your cooking

Haggis Neeps and Tatties

Experiment in the kitchen by adding a splash of whisky to your evening meal. Whether you make a traditional Cranachan dessert, cook up jars of whisky and orange marmalade or add a splash with cream for a delicious steak, there’s lots of ways you can pep up your dinner to make it extra special on International Scotch Day. 

Enjoy a wee dram at home 

Sometimes the best thing to do is coorie in and enjoy your favourite tipple in the comfort of your own home. Get your favourite Scottish music playlist on, close the curtains, light the fire and snuggle down with a good book. 

Absolute bliss. 

Sláinte mhath!