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13 April 2016

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Edinburgh is globally renowned as a hotbed of science, technology and innovation, and to celebrate the Year of Innovation, Architecture and Design we take a look at the best innovative finds in Edinburgh. Uncover some incredible breakthroughs in science and technology at the following Edinburgh attractions, which display countless innovative wonders ranging from the clone of the world's first mammal to collections of discoveries made in anatomy at Surgeons' Hall Museum. 

See Edinburgh in a new light

The Camera Obscura Bird’S Eye View Of The City

While we are all used to taking pictures on our smartphones today, the world of photography looked very different hundreds of years ago. Long before the camera there was camera obscura, which uses a pinhole or lens to project an image of the scene outside upside-down onto a viewing surface. You can find this traditional camera today at The Camera Obscura World of Illusions visitor attraction. The venue hosts amazing entertainment on the Royal Mile and also boats great views of Edinburgh and the Castle. Camera Obscura also have new innovative exhibits include the X-Ray machine, Autowed, and the Musical Staircase.

549 Castle Hill, Edinburgh EH1 2ND (website)

Take a bite out of Scottish surgery and medicine

Surgeons Hall Museum

If you would like to learn more about our fascinating bodies, then look no further than the Surgeons' Hall Museum. Learn about the histories of dentistry, medicine and surgery and the vital part that Scottish research played in all three. Surgeons' Hall was first developed as a teaching museum for students of medicine, and the venue then opened to the general public in 1832, making it Scotland’s oldest museum. The museum features interactive displays and exhibits, which will help visitors discover the stories and breakthroughs that have shaped modern surgical practice. 

The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, Nicolson St, Edinburgh EH8 9DW (website)

Celebrate all things science

Science Festival Credit Website

[Image credit: Edinburgh International Science Festival]

This year's event may be over, but dont fret as you can always look forward to next year's Edinburgh International Science Festival which is guaranteed to deliver your annual science fix! The festival was the world's first public celebration of science, and today is still one of the largest science festivals in Europe, with over 200 different events throughout the city. Edinburgh International Science Festival will return with more interactive and exciting events from 1 – 16 April 2017. 

0131 553 0320 (website)

'Rock on' in Holyrood Park

Dynamic Earth

Obsessed about our planet? The 5 star visitor attraction Our Dynamic Earth offers innovative ways to discover our world and the universe in which we live. Set next to the impressive Salisbury Crags, it is set in the perfect location to talk all things earth. 

Our Dynamic Earth showcases earth science by taking visitors on a journey through our planet’s past, present and future through interactive exhibits, including a stop in the 14-meter ShowDome theater, which originally opened in 1999. Scotland's only 360 degree full dome film theatre is really something to marvel at. The ShowDome theatre is currently showing 'Asteroid: Mission Extreme' and 'We Are Stars' which takes you on a thrilling journey into outer space - a showing that's definitely not to be missed! 

112-116 Holyrood Gait, Edinburgh EH8 8AS (website)

Discover the story behind Dolly

Roslin Institute Exterior

The Roslin Institutelocated at the University of Edinburgh’s Easter Bush campus, aims to strengthen the lives of animals and humans through world class research in animal biology. As we celebrate 20 years of Dolly the Sheep, the campus invites you to go along to their open day on the 8th October 2016. The day will give you a glimpse into the building, meet their researchers and find out about their work. Come along and explore the institue that has helped to produce the world's first and most famous cloned mammal.

The University of Edinburgh, Easter Bush EH25 9RG (website)

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