LGBTQ+ History Month in Edinburgh

11 February 2021

During the month of February you’ll see more rainbows than usual around the city.


Of course, we’re talking about Pride rainbows, as the whole country celebrates LGBT History Month. This event is a highly inclusive experience for all and is a brilliant opportunity for organisations, businesses and individuals to show support.

Join us as we take a look at this important month in more detail and show you how you can get involved. 

LGBT History Month.

LGBT History Month is celebrated around the world, but it’s not always in February. Each country has its own special reason for choosing its LGBT History Month.

In Scotland, it’s celebrated in February as this is the month in 2000 when Scotland repealed Section 28 - a law which actively and openly discriminated against the LGBT community. That makes February the perfect time for everyone to look back on the achievements whilst honouring the challenges and adversity experienced by individuals.

A month of exclusivity and support.

LGBTQ+ History Month has been part of the cultural calendar since 2005 and the Scottish Government has worked with agencies, community groups, charities, businesses and organisations to make sure it stays a highlight of Scotland’s inclusive events.

Every year takes on a new theme and 2021 theme is UNSUNG. The topic looks at shining a light on the unheard stories of the LGBTQ+ life, particularly the stories of people of colour.

Get involved in LGBTQ+ history month.

Under normal circumstances (that is, non-pandemic days), the month is packed with a huge range of events in every area of Scottish life. Everything from parties, marches, film, food and sporting events. As with all other celebrations and events recently, 2021 went online. 

LGBTQ+ History Month events.

The best place to access info on official events taking place is the LLGBT History Month website and Twitter feed

Edinburgh’s place in the LGBTQ+ community. LGBTQ

Edinburgh has consistently been voted as one of the most LGBTQ+ friendly cities in the world, featuring in the top 10 year after year in the Rainbow Europe Index.

Pride Edinburgh

Pride Edinburgh is Scotland’s National LGBTQ+ Festival. Scotland's first Pride festival took place in Edinburgh in 1995.

Taking place around June or July each year, the traditional Pride Edinburgh march celebrates diversity and personal identity as well as providing a platform for politicians, community activists, and most importantly individuals turn out to march through the streets of Edinburgh to celebrate Pride. With live music, health and community fair and lots more, it's a fun and lively celebration for the whole city to take part in. 

LGBTQ+ Bars.

From cosy pubs with real ale to buzzing nightclubs with fabulous cocktails and DJ nights, Edinburgh has lots of friendly and safe hangouts for the LGBTQ+ community.

And beyond Edinburgh, Scotland continues to lead the way. In 2018, Scotland became the first nation in the world to embed LGBT history and rights into the curriculum of all public schools. By the end of 2021 the new inclusive curriculum will be in place throughout every school in the country, which goes a long way to begin tackling issues around homophobia and transphobia.

Something we can all take pride in, don’t you think?