Edinburgh Photography Hot Spots

25 June 2016

While you're exploring Edinburgh make sure your camera is close at hand. You'll find plenty of picture perfect photo opps around almost every corner, from historic buildings to lush green spaces. 

We asked some of Edinburgh's top Instagrammers to share their photos of their favourite view points and tell us why they're special to them to reveal the city's top Photography Hot Spots. So take a look at these beautiful spots then venture out and get snapping...

The Forth Bridge

Forth Bridge 500

@little.scottish.one: "The Forth Bridge is a beautiful sight and definitely the most famous piece of engineering in Scotland. Having grown up in Edinburgh, this iconic landmark is a familiar sight to me. South Queensferry is a great little place to visit, I have fond memories of visiting the harbour for some sea kayaking and speed boat adventures as a kid!"

Circus Lane 

Circus Lane 500

@laretour (blog - laretour.com): "I moved to Edinburgh from Scotland's west coast last autumn, and since then have been slowly snapping the tourist hotspots! One view I repeatedly saw online was the charming Circus Lane, so one sunny day my partner and I wandered into Stockbridge to find it. It really is as beautiful as it looks in photos, with the street-side cottages and flower boxes lining the lane, and the iconic church overlooking the rooftops. I dread to think what a property in this prestigious part of town would do to my wallet (if I had that kind of cash!) but there is certainly no harm in just wandering and breathing in the beauty!"

Newhaven Harbour

Newhaven 500

@lamland_: "I love watching the sun dip below the horizon at the former fishing village of Newhaven. The lighthouse built in 1869 at the harbour entrance provides photographers with a wonderful foreground silhouette."

West Princes Street Gardens

View Of Castle Through Ice Cream Cone 500

@yankee_in_auld_reekie: "On one of Edinburgh's few warm Scottish summer's days, the best view of Edinburgh Castle can be found looking down an ice cream cone from West Princes Street Gardens." 

Pentland Hills

Pentlands Micagius 500

@micagius: "The Pentland Hills Regional Park is undoubtedly one of my favourite parts of Edinburgh. Tucked away from the mainstream, you’ll find yourself surrounded by gorgeous landscapes & absolute serenity after a mere 40 minutes bus ride from the centre.  The landscapes change dramatically throughout the four seasons, winter unquestionably being my top pick thanks to the occasional snowcapped hills turning the place into a magical place.  The hikes up are also relatively easy and if you’re feeling lazy your eyes will thank you."


Portobello Olli 500

@myedinburgh: "In Tallinn, where I grew up, I always used to like going to the beach to clear my mind; watching the waves breaking and listening to the sea lapping at the shore. Edinburgh is also fortunate to have a beautiful, golden beach. Nothing puts my mind at rest as much as strolling along the Portobello Promenade. On a clear day you can see the islands dotted around the Firth of Forth, far out on the horizon." 

The Vennel 

Edinburghcastlefromvennel 500 (1)

@allanmac__ : "I had visited Edinburgh many times over the years and was used to seeing the Castle as most visitors do - from Princes Street or from Castle Terrace. I discovered this view shortly after moving to Edinburgh in 2008 and was immediately struck by how different - how medieval - the Castle looked, especially the distinctive curve of the Half Moon Battery. Add to that the remains of the old city walls and the buildings lining the Vennel, some of which date back to the early 1800's, and standing here can feel like stepping back in time."

Calton Hill

Calton Hill Grant 500 (1)

@grantbullocharch: "I often visit Calton Hill. It overlooks the whole city and offers both wonderful sunrises and sunsets. But the real reason for going up there is that you can meet and speak to such a variety of people, both Edinburgh citizens and visitors. My last visit saw me rubbing shoulders with a juggler, a film maker and a Spanish folk group who were keeping all the photographers entertained while waiting for the sun to dip below the horizon and light up the sky in a blaze of red and orange."

Salisbury Crags

Edinburgh Dusk Skyline Hiducs 500 (1)

@hiduncs: "There's nothing quite like watching the sun set over Edinburgh from the Salisbury Crags. If you're willing to brave the cold then I highly recommend hanging around 'til it gets dark. It's really special getting to see the whole City light up. I took this long exposure shot whilst chatting to other photographers from around the world; it was really awesome getting to show off what this City has to offer. This photo will always remind me of that night. This is somewhere you should definitely put on your itinerary."

Dean Village from Dean Path Bridge

Dean Village Shawna 500 (1)

@exploringedinburgh: "I found it extremely difficult to narrow down my favourite view of Edinburgh but I finally decided on this view for two reasons. Firstly, for me it encompasses the many elements which make Edinburgh special; the well-known Waters of Leith which for centuries provided for the people of Edinburgh, the different layers that Edinburgh is made up of, and the interesting blend of nature and architecture. Secondly, what makes this view extra special to me is that Dean Village is a place I often retreat to for a wander whenever I need a break from the hustle and bustle." 

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