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Five Things You Need to Know About The Push

31 July 2015

If you fancy a challenge to train for this summer, you should consider taking part in The Push, an exhilarating cross-country event on the 10th September where people can hike, walk or run across the Pentlands to raise money for St Columba’s Hospice.

Want to know more? We caught up with the guys from St Columbas Hospice to find out the top five things you need to know about this year's Pentland Push... 

1. The Push is on your doorstep

The Push On Your Door Step

Okay, maybe not literally, but if you’re Edinburgh-based the Pentland Hills are fairly close. Not only does this make it easier to get to the event, it’s also a great excuse to get outdoors and train (the views aren’t bad either).

2.  You get to choose your distance

The Push Choose Your Distance

There are THREE routes available – Gold (26.2 miles, a.k.a. ‘marathon’ distance) , Silver (20 miles), Bronze (14 miles). So even if you’re not the fittest person in the city, The Push means you can still bag yourself a medal – and enjoy the barbecue afterwards!

3.   It’s not a race

The Push Its Not A Race

You don’t have to be an Olympic-level athlete to take part in The Push (although we have witnessed many great men weeping at mile 23 of the Gold route who may protest otherwise). You can hike it, walk it or run it – we just wouldn’t suggest cartwheels.

 4.  It’s all for a good cause

The Push Its All A Good Cause

Yes, you’ll look fantastic after training for two months, and yes, you’ll get lots of tasty food and drink on the way round, but ultimately you will be helping to raise money for St Columba’s Hospice – an independent charity that provides care and support for people with life-limiting illnesses in Edinburgh and the Lothians - which means you get an even greater sense of achievement at the finish line.

5. It’s in September

The Push Its In September

Which is probably handy to know. The Push takes place on the 10th September 2016, and depending on the route you choose, it can last anything from a few hours to a whole day, it’s up to you! Visit or e-mail for more info.