Official Guide to Edinburgh

Half Term in Edinburgh 2021

03 February 2021

Banish half-term holiday boredom - read on to discover how all the family can make the most of the holidays this year in Edinburgh!

February Modern Art

Mainland Scotland is currently in "enhanced level four". Local outdoor recreation, sport or exercise, walking, cycling, golf, or running that starts and finishes at the same place (which can be up to 5 miles from the boundary of your local authority area) is currently permitted as long as you abide by the rules on meeting other households. Full guidance on all the regulations can be found here>


Go on a nature trail

Either in your own garden or within a short distance from home, see how many things you can spot – squirrel, pinecone, leaf, a feather, an animal footprint - with a point for each. You can either make up your own list or you’ll find a variety of kid’s nature trails online that you can download or print. 

Or why not try the nature challenges inspired by the history, plants and wildlife in the Physic Garden at the Palace of Holyroodhouse


Make a hedgehog hotel

Everybody needs a comfy spot to rest their head at night, including the animals that visit your garden. Bird boxes, bat boxes and hedgehog homes can be a great way of attracting wildlife into your garden and learning more about them. The RSPB have some excellent suggestions on how to make a home for nature. 


Go animal spotting in the city

Not real ones, but statues! There are several statues of animals in Edinburgh – chalk up a point for each one you visit. To get you started, here are some suggestions:

Greyfriars Bobby: Located on George IV bridge you’ll find the statue of the faithful Skye Terrier who spent over 14 years guarding the grave of his beloved owner.

Greyfriars Bobby 20181120

A Unicorn: OK, so this one is a mythical animal, but it can still be counted as Edinburgh certainly has a few! You’ll find this magnificent beast on top of the Merkat Cross by St Giles’ Cathedral, at the gates of the Palace of Holyroodhouse and at the west entrance to the Meadows.

The Ross Fountain: walrus and lion heads appear on this 19th-century fountain in Princes Street Gardens.

Wojtek the Bear: Adopted by Polish soldiers in 1942, Wojtek helped to carry ammunition at the Italian Battle of Monte Cassino. He settled in Scotland after the war, living out his years in Edinburgh zoo, until his much-mourned death in 1963. His statue is in Princes Street Gardens.

 Wojtek The Bear

 Discover more about planet earth

Dynamic Earth may be closed, but you can still learn more about planet earth from home. Join them online for fun and thought-provoking content every day ranging from hands-on experiments that you can carry out at home, to fascinating insights about the history of our planet and the science behind climate change.


Rescue ‘Simpson’ the teddy!

Are you ready to take on the challenge to rescue ‘Simpson’ the surgical teddy held captive in the museum? Join Surgeons Hall Museums for a fun interactive workshop with live experiments, puzzles and a special quest!

Young Surgeons Rescue Quest


Ready, Steady, Bake!

Edinburgh born Peter wowed the GBBO 2020 Bake Off viewers with his inventive and intricate baking week after week. Could you follow in his footsteps? Test your skills by having a go at his sumptuous gluten free chocolate orange cake  – Yes please!