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Meet Mammoths and Ming at the Museum!

14 January 2014

Mammoths of the Ice Age

Opening on 24 January, Mammoths of the Ice Age reveals what life was like for the iconic mammals of this era; the mammoth and the mastodon.

An extensive collection of Ice Age objects will be brought together for the first time in the UK, from some of the oldest human art in existence to woolly mammoth hair, preserved mammoth dung and a replica of Lyuba, the 40,000-year old baby mammoth. Found in 2007 in the frozen wastes of Russia, she is the best-preserved mammoth ever discovered.

Ming: The Golden Empire

At its only UK venue, Ming: The Golden Empire will open on 27 June and introduce the remarkable achievements of the Ming dynasty (1368-1644) which was marked by a dramatic flourishing of the arts.

From iconic blue and white porcelain to sumptuous silk textiles, gold and jades, rare examples of elaborately enamelled cloisonné, and detailed calligraphy, a collection of original Ming artefacts, including many Chinese National Treasures, will be on display.

Dr Gordon Rintoul, Director of National Museums Scotland, said:

“Our programme for 2014 is truly world class. I am delighted we are presenting such a significant series of international exhibitions as we continue to tell compelling stories, share this country’s fabulous national collections and bring major shows to Scotland.”

Exhibitions and events explore a diverse range of themes, from giant mammoths to the treasures of the Ming dynasty, and from spectacular photography of the animal kingdom to the innovative mind of Scottish mathematician John Napier. A four-year commemorative programme marking the centenary of the First World War will also begin in 2014.

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Image credit: © Ian Jacobs Photography