My #ThisisEdinburgh24: Ronde Bicycle Outfitters

04 September 2015

Ronde Bike

In July we launched our #ThisisEdinburgh24 campaign, where we asked you how you would spend 24 hours in Edinburgh. As part of the campaign, we've been out and about asking people who live and work in Edinburgh to write about their perfect day in the city.

This week, we spoke to Ben from Ronde Bicycle Outfitters, an independent bike shop and cafe in Stockbridge. Here, Ben talks to us about how he would spend a leisurely day off...


Ronde Bike Inside

After a busy working week, my perfect Saturday would begin with a breakfast of homemade pancakes and fresh orange juice shared with my wife and daughter at home in north Edinburgh, followed by a road ride across the city with Ronde Cycling Club. 

First, I'd head from home towards Stockbridge. With Inverleith Park one side and the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh on the other, Arboretum Road heading south is the perfect leg-turner to warm up. It's then alongside the Stockbridge Colonies, left at the cottage with the amazing lawn that makes centre court at Wimbledon look shabby, then up "The Snakey" into Saxe Coburg and onto Ronde Bicycle Outfitters on Hamilton Place.

9am to 12.30pm 

Ronde Bike Club

After a second breakfast of a coffee and pastry it's time for 2 or 3 hours riding with the club. Of all the routes, my favourites are in East Lothian. Perhaps the routes are just flatter than than West Lothian or Fife. That said there are some decent hills to be found in East Lothian. The Tour of Britain will be passing over "The Rigg" just south of Gifford on Wednesday 9th July at 11.30am.


National Museum Of Scotland Trex

In the afternoon, I'll head into town to visit the National Museum of Scotland on Chambers Street. The museum refurbishment is brilliant, and to be able to stroll in for free and wander around is amazing. I must have been there 20 times in 5 years, and I'm still finding areas I've not been to. My daughter is a big animal fan, so that's the section where we always end up - her favourite is the Aardvark.


After the museum we often end up at Made in Italy in the Grassmarket for dinner. In my view, this is Edinburgh's best cafe / restaurant, as it's genuine Italian fayre at really good prices. Make sure you leave some room for their incredible summer milkshakes! 


In the evening we like to catch a movie. There are lots of great cinemas in Edinburgh, I love The Cameo and Filmhouse, and my wife and I enjoy going to the cinema at Ocean Terminal, which is pretty convenient for us. In addition to good screens, on occasion Ocean Terminal offers up amazing sunsets to watch with a drink from the bar. As far as shopping centres go, Ocean Terminal I think is one of the more beautiful ones. 


A guaranteed benefit of 2 or 3 hours cycling earlier in the day is a good night's sleep. If I could stay awake for a post cinema drink it would be the The Orchard at Canonmills or The Bailie at Stockbridge - both are great.  

To coincide with the arrival of The Tour of Britain in Edinburgh, Ronde Cycling Club are operating a hill climb event at Arthur's Seat the day before the Tour. You can find details on our website.

The Ronde Cycling Club will also be running an open ride from Ronde on Hamilton place to The Rigg to watch Wiggo, Cav and all the cycling superstars - the ride leaves at 8.15am. Details on Ronde's Facebook page

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