Scott Hastings - Edinburgh in 2050 should be Connected, Creative and Ambitious #Edinburgh2050

07 March 2017

In this special video edition of the #Edinburgh2050 blog, Scott Hastings shares his hopes and dreams for the city... 

Full transcript: 

"Hi, my name's Scott Hastings and I am a former international rugby player. I want to share with you my vision for the city of Edinburgh in 2050. Now, I have travelled all over the world and I want to tell people that this is the most beautiful city in the world, and we need more people to go out and tell everybody that this is the city of our dreams, of our future.

"I want the city of Edinburgh to be connected. Connected not only in a technological way, but obviously with our green spaces, our transport links both in air and with rail, but also to be green - think about our pathways, our cycle ways and the ways that we commute and get around the city. If we can do that, we can bring our communities together, and at the heart of every single community should be an ambition on education. Our schools, our universities and our colleges should be world-class. We've always given so much to the world, but we can give so much more to the world if we have our education and our communities at the heart of our city.

"Finally, we've got to be creative. We have the the world's biggest arts and entertainments festival here, we are a fantastic city that attracts many technological companies. We need to be connected both in our 4G networks and the way we actually do business with creative office space, retail environments and I must say we are an ambitious city. Because, if we have ambition, we will be world leading.

"Join me in this journey: We are a fantastic city - go and tell everybody about it."

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