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Sweet Treats for Easter in Edinburgh

21 March 2016

If you’ve given up sweet things for lent then we’re sure you are more eager than most to indulge this Easter. If you haven’t, you’ll still find yourself tempted by decadent cakes and carefully crafted chocolate eggs in Edinburgh. The city is home to an abundance of fantastic independent bakers and chocolatiers who have concocted a mouth-watering range of Easter treats to satisfy your sweet tooth.    

Savour a sample of some of the delights on offer for Easter in Edinburgh:

Pinnies & Poppy Seeds

26 St Mary’s Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1SU

Pinnies And Poppyseeds Collage

If chocolate isn’t really your thing, you can still enjoy some Easter treats with Pinnies & Poppy Seeds delicate shortbread wreaths. Made from local, organic ingredients Pinnies & Poppy Seeds light, buttery shortbread biscuits will always leave you wanting “just one more”. 

The Chocolate Tree

123 Bruntsfield Place, Edinburgh, EH10 4EQ

The Chocolate Tree Collage

Easter isn’t always enjoyable for diabetics or those with dairy intolerances but fear not The Chocolate Tree have come to the rescue! Armed with their No Dairy or Cane Sugar eggs, these tasty all natural delights, made with coconut alternatives, will diminish your Easter envy if you can’t have the traditional dairy-based eggs. They are limited though so make sure you pop in store to order yours as soon as you can.

The Chocolate Tree also has have a vast range of dairy, chocolate eggs in a tempting variety of flavours.

Cuckoo’s Bakery

150 Dundas Street, Edinburgh, EH3 5DQ
116 Bruntsfield Place, Edinburgh, EH10 4ES

Cuckoos Bakery Easter Cupcakes 2016

The cupcakes at Cuckoo’s Bakery look almost too good to eat at the best of times and their Easter cakes are certainly no exception! This year sees the return of the irrsistable Creme Eggs cupcakes. Along with 5 new flavours; Cottontail Cookie, Cracking Coconut, Cuckoo's Nest, Meadow Mallow and Springtime Cheesecake. Pick them up in their Dundas Street or Bruntsfield Place shop or order online for delivery in store or home delivery if you live within the Edinburgh city bypass.

Mary’s Milk Bar

19 Grassmarket, Edinburgh, EH1 2HS

Marys Milk Bar Collage (1)

There’s always a small sense of disappointment when you crack into your Easter egg to discover it’s empty. Well don’t worry because lovely Mary from Mary’s Milk Bar has created the perfect cure for Easter egg disappointment. Mary’s yummy dark chocolate and milk chocolate Easter eggs are filled with even more yummy Salted Caramel Mini Eggs and Hazelnut Praline Acorns - delicious! Thank you Mary!

Mimi’s Bakehouse and Picnic Parlour

Bakehouse - 63 Shore, Edinburgh, EH6 6RA
Picnic Parlour - 250 Canongate, Edinburgh, EH8 8AA
Mimi's Corstorphine - 277 St John's Road, Edinburgh, EH12 7XD

Mimis Bakehouse Collage

By now there’s probably more than a few of you who have got into some sort of Creme Egg Brownie disaster at home. Inspired by the delicious trays of creme egg topped brownie you’d seen online you’ve had a go yourself and ended up in a sticky, chocolatey mess. Thankfully Mimi’s have stepped in to save your kitchens with their slabs of Crème Egg Brownie perfection. Mimi's brownies are delightfully soft and generously covered in gooey Creme Egg goodness. Stop by Mimi’s Bakehouse on the Shore, the Picnic Parlour in the Canongate or their new cafe in Corstorphine and indulge in a slice and a nice big cuppa.  

For a more savoury treat this Easter take a look at our blog on the Best Sunday Roasts in Edinburgh.