#ThisisEdinburgh24 – Some of our favourite highlights

24 July 2015

Thisisedinburgh24 Blog Collage

Well, the dust has settled and we have just about recovered from #ThisisEdinburgh24. The epic digital takeover on Wednesday 22nd July asked you, the good people of Edinburgh, to recommend your favourite spots and hidden gems in this wonderful city for a full 24 hours.

We were bowled over by the response  - the sheer number of great places to see and things to do in Edinburgh has been quite simply overwhelming, and it was fantastic to see so many people get involved. 

We’ll be collating your recommendations and putting them into bespoke itineraries for our website – so stay tuned to thisisedinburgh.com/thisisedinburgh24 and keep using the hashtag #thisisedinburgh24, we’ll be picking our new favourite tip every week! Your recommendations will also be featured in our dedicated #thisisedinburgh24 gallery.

In the meantime, here are some of our favourite suggestions from the day: 

It started with a sunrise... 

Thisisedinburgh24 Sunrise Kimkjaerside

The day started early with lots of lovely sunrise pictures coming in. We loved this picture from @kimkjaerside of the fiery sunrise over Portobello Beach. There were lots of runners out at this time in the morning, with @EdinRunTours also posting some incredible pictures from the wonderful vantage point of Arthur’s Seat.

You can see this spectacular sight for yourself, however if the idea of getting up at that time in the morning sounds too painful, you can always watch our video from the comfort of your own bed.

Getting that coffee fix

Thisisedinburgh24 Coffee Edinreporter

Edinburgh loves its coffee, as was soon made clear by all the pictures of fine brews being sent in to #ThisisEdinburgh24. @EdinReporter made us jealous with this beautiful cup of coffee from Casa Amiga.

Other recommendations included Fortitude Coffee, Cairngorm Coffee and Artisan Roast. @EdinburghCoffee gave a whole A-Z of their favourite spots, so be sure to check out their tweets over the hashtag for 26 top coffee recommendations!

The great outdoors

Thisisedinburgh24 Arthurs Seat Edineditor

#ThisisEdinburgh24 was also a hive of breath-taking outdoor photos, which just goes to show how beautiful our city truly is. @EdinEditor shared a lovely picture taken after he conquered the top of Arthur’s Seat, but there are plenty of great spaces in Edinburgh to go for a walk and get a bit of fresh air, including Holyrood Park, The Royal Botanic Gardens, Blackford Hill and Figgate Park.

We must give a special mention to the Water of Leith, which was recommended by lots of people during the day. Cutting all through the city from The Shore in Leith right down to Balerno, this picturesque waterway is a haven for wildlife and perfect for a relaxing afternoon walk. No wonder it is so popular! 

Shopping Gems

Thisisedinburgh24 Armstrongs Goodsir Jayne

Edinburgh is a treasure trove of unique independent shops, which also got a lot of love on the day of #ThisisEdinburgh24. There are lots of great shops selling vintage fashions, such as Armstrongs in the Grassmarket, pictured here by @goodsir_jayne, and a plethora of great charity shops in Stockbridge and Newington.

An honourable mention must also go to the picturesque Victoria Street and Thistle Street, which as well as being very beautiful, boast a variety of independent boutiques ranging from jewellery and gifts to clothing and culinary delights.

Good Eats

Thisisedinburgh24 Twelve Triangle Edinburgers

Our tummys were rumbling for most of the day as we saw #ThisisEdinburgh24 suggestions roll in! Master bakers Twelve Triangles got a lot of mentions, with their delectable donuts perfectly captured by the @TheEdinburgers.

Whether you want sweet or savoury, there were plenty of foodie spots given shout-outs including Ting Thai Caravan, Hula Juice Bar and Ox184.

This is just a flavour of the suggestions we recieved over the course of the day. We’ll be going though more of your recommendations and featuring them in our upcoming #thisisedinburgh24 itineraries and guides. In the meantime, keep sharing your #thisisedinburgh24 suggestions with us on Twitter and Instagram and keep an eye on the website for the latest finds and hidden gems!

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