Top 5 Vinyasa Yoga Classes in Edinburgh

30 March 2015

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Yoga is fast becoming a popular practice in Edinburgh, with a host of studios and amazing outdoor spaces to master your stretches and poses.

Vinyasa yoga is an athletic form of yoga, ideal for those looking to get fit and healthy for summer, as the classes are fast paced, almost dance like and often to music, which is why some classes are described as vinyasa flow. It is not all physical though, as the synchronized breath calms the mind and most classes will finish with a short meditation.

Vinyasa classes vary greatly as there’s no set sequence of postures, and Edinburgh has a host of talented teachers that will inspire and re-energies your daily routine. 

We’ve outlined our top 5 Vinyasa yoga classes throughout the city:

Julie Smeaton of Julie Smeaton Yoga  

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Julie teaches vinyasa yoga for beginners and power yoga in Thistle Street as well as a class for beginners and pregnancy yoga from Marchmont St Giles Church. Julie is also an ambassador for lululemon athletica on Castle Street and hosts free yoga classes at their drop in Saturday studio. She's on maternity leave at the moment, but should be back later this year! 

Evelyn of Soul Shine Yoga 

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For 16 years Evelyn has taught both Vinyasa yoga & Ashtanga yoga in New York, London, Madrid & Edinburgh. In Evelyn’s classes she always incorporates breath awareness, devotional chanting, asanas (postures), study of ancient texts, relaxation and meditation.

Helen Gillespie of Yoga Folk 

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Helen incorporates a fluid dance of breath, movement and play, exploring strength and focus, as well as finding softness and grace.

Sarah McCaffer of YogaBeet  

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Sarah leads vinyasa yoga classes, as well as food and yoga workshops aimed at inspiring people to find balance and wellbeing with ease. Her yoga classes are dynamic and energising, with focus on the individual, finding space on and off the mat.

Beverley of B Yoga 

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Beverley teaches pregnancy yoga, flowing vinyasa yoga an gentle flow, perfect for a more relaxed, restorative practice that will leave you feeling positive and refreshed.