Top Tips for the Great Edinburgh Run

15 April 2016

Great Edinburgh Run Finishing Line 736

After months of training the big day is almost here, this year's Great Edinburgh Run is on Sunday 17th April. To help you get in the zone for the run, the Balance Spa & Gym at The Roxburghe Hotel has provided us with their Top Tips for preparation for the Run. Take note of their helpful advice to ensure you’re on the road to success on race day.

Before Race Day

Hydration and Carb Loading

In the days leading up to your run it is important to be thinking of how to fuel yourself for the event. Good hydration and high carb foods can be key to your success.

Keeping hydrated is vital when running such a great distance; alternating water and energy drinks such as Gatorade, Powerade or any electrolyte drink will keep fluids high. Being hydrated before, during and after your run is important, but it is equally as important to not dilute your electrolyte levels as this can lead to cramping in the later miles.

On the day, it will be carbohydrates that the body will use as fuel, and coming up to race day you should be increasing your carbohydrate consumption and including some protein is important too. Good carb / protein meals can include, pasta, turkey, baked potato, cottage cheese, brown rice and chicken.

Fuel and hydration are key to your success. You don’t put cheap oil in a Ferrari – it just wouldn’t work. Your body is the same, put the good fuel in and you will get the best out of it.


Relaxation is also important before your race. You have done all the hard training and built up your miles but it is crucial to believe that you can do it.

Everyone will have their own way to relax and unwind, whether you take time to yourself the night before to sit down and focus on the task in hand, or sit and read a book to totally take your mind of it all, but it is important to have that peace of mind and go in to the race mentally prepared.

Race Day

On race day it's good to wake up a bit earlier and have a breakfast. This will vary for all runners as everyone will have something that works for them. High carb, high energy foods and drinks will help fuel you for the race, such as peanut butter on toast or banana or porridge and a high energy drink.

Some runners may feel nervous before a race, that's good, but be positive, don’t start the race with anything less than 100% confidence that you are going to finish - “DON’T THINK, JUST DO”.

Pace yourself and don't go out too fast, although having said that, you may find yourself running a little faster than normal due to the buzz and energy you feel on the day. But listen to your body and don’t burn out too quickly.

Fuel during the race. Again keeping hydrated throughout the run is important. If it's warm and/or humid, keep your fluid intake up as you'll experience increased fluid loss through sweating. The use of electrolytes such as gels can help keep energy levels up. Salt caps are good to keep handy in case of cramping at a later stage.

There may be moments where it will get tough. Don’t worry, keep positive and keep your mind active, do not let it beat you.

Most important of all, enjoy yourself and be proud you are running that day. You have put in so much hard work and training to be where you are, and crossing the finishing line gives you such a great sense of achievement.

Good luck! 

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