Edinburgh International Children's Festival

The Edinburgh International Children's Festival presents the world’s best theatre and dance for children, with performances that are deeply engaging, innovative and inspiring.

Childrens Festival

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Edinburgh International Children's Festival 2022 dates tbc 

About the Edinburgh International Children's Festival

Childrens Festival Family Day

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Edinburgh International Children’s Festival began in 1990. The festival has created a program filled with performances, activities and pop-up events that are dedicated to entertaining and engage children, from toddlers to teenagers. The festival is a popular annual highlight for Scottish families and schools as well as for international children’s theatre curators and children’s festivals directors.

Edinburgh International Children’s Festival is artistic, vibrant, energic, and a great way for children and adults alike to share a live experience together, through performances that are involving and allows you to stretch your imagination.

The festival has a strong commitment to accessibility and equality, and their events and activities are open to children and teens from all backgrounds and abilities. The festival welcomes schools from different regions and economically and socially disadvantaged schools in particular. 


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