The Escape Artist

Uncover the locations in this chilling legal thriller, which explores the line between law and justice.

The Escape Artist

David Tennant plays Will Burton, a highly talented barrister nicknamed 'The Escape Artist' due to his ability to get defendants out of tight legal situations. However when his skills acquit the prime suspect in a vicious murder case, his talents come back to haunt him with chilling consequences.

The three part mini series was written by the creator of Spooks, David Wolstencroft, and directed by Brian Welsh for the BBC.

The Escape Artist Film Locations

The Escape Artist Clapper Board

While the first two episodes are set in England, episode three brings Will back home to Scotland. Carter Bar on the Scottish Border plays a pivotal role in the finale, as well as featuring scenes in Edinburgh city centre, including the Royal Mile, Victoria Terrace and North Bridge. Locations also include an East Lothian beach and Dunbar Railway Station

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