The Secret Agent

An exciting and explosive drama, which covers terrorism, espionage and betrayal in 18th Century Britain.

The Secret Agent

The three part series follows the adaption of Joseph Conrad’s classic novel, which is one of the first of its kind to cover the early years of terrorism. Set in the heart of Soho in 1886, this gripping drama follows the life of Verloc (Toby Jones), a seedy sex shop owner and Russian spy.

Furious at Britain's refusal to confront the anarchist threat sweeping across Europe, Verloc's Russian handler gives him a mission: Orchestrate a bombing that will be blamed on the anarchists and provoke a crackdown from the British. Refuse and Verloc’s identity as a spy will be revealed to his anarchist comrades.

From the producers of the acclaimed drama series Line of Duty, The Secret Agent has been adapted by BAFTA award-winner Tony Marchant (The Mark of Cain, Great Expectations) and directed by Emmy® award-winner Charles McDougall (Hillsborough, House of Cards, The Good Wife).

The Secret Agent Film Locations

Secret Agent Filming

The Secret Agent shot the majority of the series in Edinburgh due to the great period locations, including Hopetoun House which played both Lady Blackwood’s residence and Greenwich Park. Thistle Street Lane was transformed to create the Soho street where Verloc has his shop, and Bakehouse Close is where Winnie’s mother Jessie takes a house.

Corridors of the mortuary and police station can be found in Freemasons' Hall, while Barries Close (a medieval alley off the Royal Mile) also makes an appearance. The Professor meets the Inspector at Barony Bar, while Tommy goes to unwind at Bennet's Bar after leaving Winnie at the Docks (played by Leith Docks). Meanwhile, The Georgian House in Edinburgh's West End plays Michaelis’s cottage. Find all these locations in the map below.

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