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Jitsai's story

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Jitsai Santaputra
Masters Student
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Jitsai's story

What is your favourite memory of living in Edinburgh?

Experiencing the (windy) sunset from the top of the Crags.

What is your favourite place in Edinburgh? 

South Bridge, standing and seeing the view of the castle and Princes Street.

Why would you recommend Edinburgh as a place to study? 

It is a majestic and historic city like no other; the nature around and throughout the city is beautiful.

What kind of extra-curricular activities did you take part in while living in Edinburgh?

I joined various university sports societies and played Badminton, Volleyball and Kendo.

I joined Historic Scotland which gave me access to most of the historic sites in Scotland which I enjoyed visiting.

I worked part-time as a Badminton Coach for the Edinburgh Badminton Academy.

I volunteered as a Royal Scottish Geography Society Ambassador and taught Scottish school students. 

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