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Edinburgh’s beauty is both staggering and stunning - but the city is far more than just a pretty face. Take a closer look and there’s much more to discover.


We all have an unfulfilled list of places we want to explore in our home city; attractions we never get round to booking or have time to organise, and hidden gems we have yet to discover.

"They’ll always be there" we tell ourselves... but can we still be sure of this?

Edinburgh’s tourism businesses need you more now than ever before. The effect covid-19 has had on the way we live, work, travel, and enjoy our down time is having a devastating impact on the city’s entire tourism industry. The castles and monuments, restaurants, cafes and bars, tour operators, visitor attractions, retailers, accommodation providers, and many other local tourism businesses are in desperate need of your support.

So we are asking you, will you holiday here this year? For all the reasons visitors travel thousands of miles to enjoy the Scottish capital, you too can embrace everything your city has to offer - with the luxury of it being on your doorstep!

Here are some of the ways you can have a wonderful time in Edinburgh this year!

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Edinburgh's tourism businesses have been working hard to ensure they are ‘Good to Go’, meeting all the recommended government safety guidelines so you can have a safe stay in the Scottish capital this year.

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