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Visiting Edinburgh is top of millions of bucket lists around the globe and it’s no wonder. The city boasts stunning scenery and incredible architecture. It’s iconic landmarks make it stand out as one of the world’s most beautiful capital cities. And we get to live here! 

For us, Edinburgh is way more than just a pretty face. All you have to do is turn an unusual corner, nip through an alley or open a different door and suddenly you’re in the real Edinburgh. All the good stuff that goes on away from the well trodden paths and iconic landmarks. This is the real Edinburgh. This is Forever Edinburgh. 


No matter how long you’ve lived here, we’re sure you could write a list of all the places you mean to visit, but haven’t quite got round to. Attractions you’ve forgotten about, restaurants you’re keen to try, shops you love the look of but haven’t ventured inside. 

If not now, when? There’s no time like right now to strap on your tourist attitude and hit the city as though you’re visiting for the first time. There’s so many new ways you can make memories in this amazing place, as well as visiting your old haunts and favourite spots to fall in love with the city all over again. 

Forever Edinburgh is here to help you have a wonderful time in Edinburgh this year. 


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Edinburgh's tourism businesses have been working hard to ensure they are ‘Good to Go’, meeting all the recommended government safety guidelines so you can have a safe stay in the Scottish capital this year.

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