Hidden Gems in Stockbridge

8 St Bernards Well

St Bernard's Well

Designed by painter Alexander Nasmyth in 1789, the figurine inside the structure is a depiction of the Greek goddess of health Hygeia.  Discovered in 1760, this natural spring was rumoured by the locals to have healing powers, an excellent source for people's health and wellbeing. The well was recently restored and features an exquisite mosaic ceiling. 

Old Stockbridge Market

The remnants of the facade from Stockbridge’s 19th-century market stall are still evident today between St. Stephen Place and Hamilton Place. In 1825, architect Archibald Scott was commissioned to construct a structure that would house several market stalls and would service the adjoining tenements.

The market’s eventual demise was due to several complaints about the noise and odour and it subsequently closed in 1906. Today, the archway is a category “B” Listed building. The archway has columns on either side which support a pediment inscribed with the name of the market and the words - Butcher Meat, Fruits, Fish and Poultry.

Stockbridge Arch

(Image credit: insta /stockbridgeedinburgh)

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