Edinburgh’s Perfect Parks

Walking the dog, shooting the breeze with friends, or simply catching your breath while feeling the sun on your face, there’s no shortage of parks within Edinburgh to choose from. So, the next time you want to top-up your vitamin D levels, why not consider spending time in these city parks:

Inverleith Park

Inverleith SM 736

One of Edinburgh's most popular parks, you’ll find rugby & football pitches, tennis court, allotments here, as well as a children’s play area and a pond.

  • As you pass through the North Archway, be sure to look up, otherwise you’ll miss the unicorn!

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The Meadows


Once the site of the Borough-Loch, this park is now one of the city's most popular green spaces.

It has several facilities, including a play area, tennis courts, croquet and cricket club.

The colourful cherry blossoms which line the pathways in the early summer make it a popular photo location.

Saughton Park and Gardens

One of Edinburgh's hidden jewels, Saughton Park and Gardens have an interesting history.

They came into the City of Edinburgh Council ownership in 1900, when a nine-hole golf course, nursery and playing fields were laid out. In 1908, the park became the site of the great Scottish National Exhibition. During WWII, the formal gardens were turned into onion beds as Saughton helped dig for victory.

Today, the gardens still have playing fields, as well as an athletics track, the biggest skateboard park in Scotland and a modern creative play area. Spread over 34 acres, it also has a delightful formal garden which features the largest herbaceous border in Edinburgh.

Holyrood Park

Holyrood Park (1)

A great place for walking, running, cycling, or simply taking in the fresh air, Holyrood Park’s dramatic hills and crags shape Edinburgh’s skyline, and its history and archaeology span thousands of years.

Set in 260 hectares of open space, why not try climbing Arthur’s Seat, the park’s highest point, for 360-degree views of Edinburgh and the Lothians.

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Spylaw Park

Situated on the banks of the Water of Leith, the trees are the most attractive feature in this popular park. Many and varied, forming sharp contrasts of colour, shape, form and height, there are tall specimen conifers, varieties of holly, towering beeches, yew and a monkey puzzle, all of which create a sense of enclosed peace.

Figgate Park

Figgate Park

Figgate Park is gorgeous gem, nestled between Duddingston and Portobello in the east of the city.

The pond at the centre of the park is home to a fantastic variety of birds and other aquatic animals which draws many families for a spot of feeding the ducks. A walk around the pond is colourful feast for the eyes at any time of the year, with an incredible backdrop of Arthurs Seat. 

Muir Wood Park

An attractive woodland park in Currie, in the south west of Edinburgh, the local community have worked with the local school and Edinburgh City Council to transform this park into a tranquil haven, with woodland walks, seats and a play area.

The park has been awarded a Green Flag since 2011, in recognition of it being a quality green space.

Starbank Park

Starbank Park

With uninterrupted, panoramas over the Firth of Forth to Fife, this park is a great place to watch life on the water.

Within the park there are annual beds; one shaped as an eight-pointed star and two crescents. These depict the 'Star of the Sea' believed to be symbolic of a ship's compass and harking back to the days when Forth sailors navigated the oceans by the stars.


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