Official Guide to Edinburgh
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International Students

Watch the video and discover top 20 reasons to study in Edinburgh >

There are so many reasons for choosing to study in Edinburgh city region. It’s renowned around the world for its excellent award-winning education, research and industry. The area is uniquely cosmopolitan and welcoming, and the region has a multicultural population, and there are outstanding graduate employment opportunities, thanks to a thriving economy.

Edinburgh is the third most popular city in the UK amongst international students. Currently, nearly 11,000 international students study here so you’re likely to meet many other international students of all ages (43% come from other EU countries). There is a 50:50 split between postgraduates and undergraduates amongst the international student community - and the proportion of postgraduates grows every year.

Studying here is affordable and provides outstanding value; a British education is highly esteemed around the world.

Why STUDY in Edinburgh City Region?

  • World-influencer in education and an international reputation for academic excellence in teaching and research and development
  • Scholarships available specifically for international students from the Scottish Executive
  • Competitive course fees – better value than comparable courses in the USA
  • World-leader in business, academia, arts, science and technology
  • Strong, integrated local relationships between academia and industry
  • Beautiful, cosmopolitan city in the heart of a stunning rural landscape
  • Safe, clean and welcoming place to stay
  • Academia is thriving in the inter-connected global learning environment
  • Long history of attracting and supporting international students
  • Supports large international community, strengthened by overseas visitors especially during the summer and winter festivals
  • Many universities have formal exchange programmes with US and worldwide counterparts

 Watch the video and discover top 20 reasons to study in Edinburgh >