Official Guide to Edinburgh
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Julie Trevisan Hunter

Julie has worked at Edinburgh’s five-star Whisky visitor attraction, The Scotch Whisky Experience, for the past 17 years.  She currently holds the position of Head of Marketing, a role which includes a wide range of responsibilities, from hosting journalists and film crews, to running Whisky tastings and educating people about Scotch Whisky.

In 2005, Julie was invited to become a Keeper of the Quaich – an honour bestowed on people who have played a major role in promoting Scotch Whisky and its heritage to an international audience.

When I hear the words ‘This Is Edinburgh’, the first thing that springs to mind is…

The stunning views which the city gives from dozens of different perspectives.  From the beaches and old ports of the coast, to the rivers and streams that run through the heart of the city, to the ancient towers and castles, and the acres of parks and woodland, there is always something new to catch your eye and discover.  All of this beauty is then wrapped up in a long and illustrious history, incredible arts and culture, and the most vibrant festivals in the world

What makes me particularly proud to come from/live/work in the city is…

I am exceptionally proud of the welcoming and cosmopolitan feel which Edinburgh exudes.  Having worked in the tourism industry for almost 20 years, I have encountered so many people who visit the city again and again, or have taken the plunge and decided to make it their home.  All of these people bring their little corner of the world to Edinburgh, with their culture only helping to enrich the city further.

Edinburgh looks especially beautiful when…

Edinburgh always looks stunning in the sunshine but sunrise over the Old Town in winter always gives me goose bumps.  I walk into work each day along Princes Street and the red-orange glow coming from the Old Town never fails to remind me of the city’s volcanic and fiery history.

A perfect day in Edinburgh starts with ….

I love walking and cycling, so a day off often starts with a cycle along the Water of Leith or a walk over Corstorphine Hill.  After a day in the great outdoors, we would enjoy a good family meal – either a pizza from La Favorita, which is an honest family favourite, or at The Roamin’ Nose in Eyre Place which is a brilliant hidden gem!  With an Italian husband, the food has to be good! 

Edinburgh is packed with great whisky bars, but a personal favourite is… 

I always like to try new places, so I don’t tend to have a ‘regular’.  We’ve recently been working with Whisky Bars of Edinburgh, which is a group of eleven bars in the city centre and Leith; all of which have an outstanding selection of Scotch Whisky.   I do have to be slightly biased though and say a dram in Amber Bar and Restaurant at The Scotch Whisky Experience is always high on my list.  It’s the place where I’ve introduced so many people to whisky over the years and seeing the expression on their face when you find them the perfect dram is unbeatable!

One of Edinburgh’s best kept secrets is… 

There is a lovely walled garden on Corstorphine Hill which I love to wander around and almost no-one knows about it.  The last time I was there, I met a family from the USA and the father had grown up locally.  He wanted to show the area to his wife and children, and we had a great chat about Edinburgh past and present. 

Also, the garden is even reputed to have held a closely guarded whisky secret.  It was given to the people of Edinburgh by the family who owned the adjacent Victorian mansion house, which happened to be the Drambuie family.  The garden is said to contain some interesting and exotic botanicals, which are believed to be some of the secret ingredients for the famous liqueur.