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Dance: Brad Cannon X Raha Nejad

The freedom of the Edinburgh inspired Scottish filmmaker Bradley Davies-Cannon and Berlin-based expressive dancer Raha Nejad to create a short film showcasing the beauty of Edinburgh's hidden pathways and historic streets.

Brad put it this way: "...I started thinking about what Edinburgh means to me as a filmmaker and what it has to offer to an artist, which I soon realised was the freedom to express.

Using this theme, the idea to have Raha dancing in multiple locations came fairly naturally, but I needed something as a contrast ... which is the reason I came up with the idea to have some of the video, in particular the beginning, set inside a dance studio, to allow for the sense that Raha is escaping to places that she has the freedom to express herself through her chosen art form.

Raha has a very modern style of dancing which the video really benefitted from because it challenged me to think of how to incorporate the new with the old, and forced me to think of composition differently. It meant that the collaboration of artistic mediums bring a sense of youth culture to the historic city of Edinburgh."


Check out Brad and Raha's collaboration as they set out to #UncoverEdinburgh below...

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