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Discover Edinburgh by bike. Edinburgh’s new cycle hire scheme offers visitors and residents alike a unique and wonderful way to explore and experience the capital in a simple and affordable way. Experience a side of Edinburgh and its many hidden gems that you might never have found. Hop on a bike with friends and see what you might find!

The network of cycle hire locations across the city is being continually expanded.

To stay updated visit edinburghcyclehire.com for more information and visit edinburghcyclehire.com/stations to view our map of locations.

Here is everything you need to know to get started, including a review from one of our star early adopters on her experiences so far.

How does it work?

1) Just download the app by searching ‘Just Eat Cycles’ on the Apple App Store or Google Play
2) Follow the instructions to sign up with your mobile phone number
3) Input your payment card details or voucher code (if you have one)
4) Click unlock bike – the app will tell you which bike yours is

You can also sign up and buy a subscription through the website at edinburghcyclehire.com, but you will still need the app to hire bikes.

How do you hire a bike?

Once you have registered the app shows physical and virtual Cycle Hire Points:

- Physical Cycle Hire Points have docking points for the bike to be wheeled in and out of.

- Virtual Cycle Hire Points are indicated by markings on our mats on the pavement. These are ‘geo fenced’ locations where you can end your hire and leave the bike propped on its stand, you can also hire bikes from our virtual docks.

When you’re close to a Cycle Hire Point, the app will give you the option to “unlock bike” - tap on this if you want to hire a bike. It will then tell you which bike yours is and that’s it you are ready to go!

How much does it cost?

- £1.50 for a single trip of up to 1 hour – each 30 minutes thereafter is £1 extra.
- £3 for a day subscription, allowing unlimited journeys of up to 1 hour each in a 24 hour period.
-  For £90 you can sign up for an annual membership, allowing unlimited ‘1 hour’ hires for 365 days.

Catroina Web

Catriona, one of the scheme's star testers, had this to say about her experience so far:

Over the last few weeks I've been lucky enough to try out the few test bikes for Edinburgh's cycle hire scheme. With a docking station just outside my office, they've been really handy when I've been running late for a meeting, when I've wanted a bit of fresh air on a journey, or when I've just wanted to arrive in low-carbon style!

I really like how sturdy the bikes are: they feel very solid when you're riding them, and it makes me feel more confident when navigating the city center streets and taking 'primary position' (cycling in the general flow of traffic, in the center of a lane) when there isn't a bike lane to use.

I'm also a big fan of the 'no muss, no fuss' approach they bring to me getting about the city: it takes seconds to see if a bike is available, to unlock it, and then to be on my way! And when I get to my destination, I can return it to a dock without worrying about locking it up in a suitable place.

Contact Just Eat Cycles

If you wish to contact Just Eat Cycles with any questions please do so on the following: Phone: 0131 278 3000
E-mail: support@edinburghcyclehire.com
Facebook: cyclehire.edi
Twitter: cyclehire_edi
Instagram: cyclehire_edi