KNITWEAR Chanel to Westwood

  • 01 January 2023 - 11 March 2023
  • £10.50 per person
  • Dovecot Studios

Celebrating the history of fashion through knitwear, Dovecot Studios present a major exhibition of inspirational 20th century fashion knitwear.

 Dovecot Chanel To Westwood Credit Sonia Sieff(Image Credit Sonia Sieff)

Knitting is one of the oldest textile techniques and this brand new exhibition, which opens in the autumn, explores how designers continue to innovate through this versatile medium.

The exhibition charts the influence of the art movements Modernism, Pop, Punk and Deconstruction alongside new knitwear technologies and design innovation.

Featuring over 150 inspirational knitwear pieces from the collection of Mark and Cleo Butterfield, highlights include 1920s Chanel jersey, vintage woollen swimwear, post-war Hollywood-style knits, 1950s cocktail sweaters, 1960s crochet, 1970s Bill Gibb, 1980s deconstruction and 1990s Julien MacDonald.

As a world-renowned centre for tapestry, art and design, Dovecot Studios are also celebrating the creativity of contemporary Scottish knitwear. Visitors will be able to see modern knitwear pieces by Scottish designer Di Gilpin, whose work is inspired by knitwear heritage including Celtic, Fair Isle and Shoowa cloth designs.

Dovecot Director, Celia Joicey said: “Decade by decade, this important exhibition charts over 100 years of knitwear history exploring not only key designers but also technical innovations in hand, machine and industrial knitting. The importance of knitwear in fashion can be taken for granted, but this exhibition is an opportunity to celebrate knitwear’s distinctive place in Scotland’s cultural and economic history and to inspire future design directions.”

Admission is £10.50 per person.

KNITWEAR Chanel to Westwood runs from 15 October 2022 – 11 March 2023. Tickets can be booked here >



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