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Science Showcase: Open University 50th Anniversary Celebrations

The Open University turns 50 this year, and to celebrate Dynamic Earth are running a very special Science Showcase with two engaging public talks. 


During the daytime programme 15-16 October, you can meet academic and student scientists from The Open University involved in BBC Broadcasts, find out what they do and how they do it. Try your hand at some virtual science experiments, hands-on activities too. Discover the space robots used to explore Comets and the Planets; Try being an Ocean Explorer or Food Scientist; Get involved in Citizen Science with iSpot and Treezilla; and much more. Discover how the Open University “does Science” at a distance for students.

Public talks

As well as the brilliant daytime programme, these evening talks promise to lift the lid on some of the fascinating work happening at the Open University:

Science Showcase Talks Inline

Science Behind the Blue Planet

Monday 14th October, 7pm

Meet The Open University academic team working on the BBC and The Open University co-production Blue Planet II. Using breakthroughs in marine science and cutting-edge technologies this landmark seven-part series brought viewers face to face with compelling stories from our Earth’s incredible oceans.

The talk uses video footage from Blue Planet II, covers the science of our oceans, the experience of the production process, and how science and discovery were the driving forces behind the award-winning series and is followed by an opportunity to get the team to answer your questions.

Recommended age 14+. Tickets £5 (students free with valid ID) 
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1969 and All That

Tuesday 15th October, 7pm

Professor of Planetary and Space Science at The Open University, Monica Grady is most well known for her work on meteorites. She has an asteroid named after her and has spoken before about voyages in Space and Time. This talk explores developments in the 50 yrs since man walked on the Moon and The Open University was born. Expect to be both informed, thrilled and entertained.

Recommended age 14+. Tickets £5 (students free with valid ID) 
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