Forever Edinburgh is tasked with promoting the City on a national and international stage. Working closely with private tourism businesses, public agencies and the City of Edinburgh Council, we work to ensure that our visitors experience the very best of Edinburgh and the city utilises its outstanding tourism assets in a sustainable way.

Edinburgh Castle Twilight

We aim to promote the Edinburgh city-region as a leading leisure, learning and business destination for domestic and international visitors, enhance the national and international reputation of the city-region and promote sustainable economic development and growth.

Edinburgh is a global city in which innovation, learning and culture thrive; one that offers an exceptional quality of life and in which there are considerable opportunities for inward investment, academic study, and leisure and business tourism.

City marketing is an essential step in strengthening the economic position of the Edinburgh Region. This not only has a positive influence on the city’s public image internationally but also for local residents, boosting their sense of civic pride and appreciation. To achieve this, we work together with public and private organisations, cultural institutions and universities.

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Our Objectives

To market Edinburgh around the world to attract visitors

To provide information and inspiration to visitors and potential visitors so they get the best out of a visit to Edinburgh

Support industry on the delivery of the Edinburgh 2030 Tourism Strategy

Engage Edinburgh’s residents and communities in the positive promotion of their city

To lead our partners in steering city promotional activity

To support industry partners on the delivery of quality assurance initiatives. Provide advice to visitors and industry partners to ensure local tourism businesses strive to exceed visitors' expectations