New arrivals and wild goings-on at Edinburgh Zoo

29 June 2017

Summer has arrived in Edinburgh, and the residents at Edinburgh Zoo are patiently waiting for the pitter patter of little feet. Every year keepers, visitors and locals await the arrival of the newest Zoo-borns and this year has gotten off to a great start with the arrival of rare bird species, bouncing baby joey’s and the opening of a brand new exhibition for 2017!

One of the most iconic species of the Zoo has welcomed a number of little chicks. The penguin breeding season begins in early March each year, with the annual placing of the nest rings and pebbles into Penguins Rock. The male penguins then spend their days searching for the best looking and smoothest pebble to ‘propose’ to their potential mates.

Rockhopper Penguins

The first of the gentoo hatchlings started to ‘beak’ out of their nest rings at the beginning of April. This year keepers were delighted to announce that one of the hatchlings was an endangered Northern rockhopper penguin, the first rockhopper to be born on the site in over eight years. The chick was born on April the 25th, which also happened to be World Penguin Day. This is a great milestone for the team and it is hoped that this chick will go on to play an important role in the conservation of this species.

Rhea Chicks

These aren’t the only rare bird species born at the site this year, as Edinburgh Zoo was rhea-lly excited to announce the birth of three Darwin’s rhea chicks. Ramon, the male rhea dad, is doing a fantastic job of bringing them up. The adorable speckled chicks have been growing fast, finding their stride and developing their own personalities.

More bouncing new arrivals have also been spotted in Wallaby Outback. The young joey’s were born in March, and have since been nestling in their mother’s pouches. The young ones have started to venture out into their walkthrough enclosure exploring on their own. Visitors can hop into to the walkthrough and get up close to these adorable babies themselves.


Finally, it’s not only the wallabies that have been enjoying the arrival of a joey at the Zoo. Koala Territory has also welcomed a young koala joey, which was born on 31 January to mum Alinga. Now, at almost 5 months old, the wriggly joey is almost too big for Alinga's pouch and often a hand or nose can be seen poking out! As the only koalas currently in the United Kingdom, this makes this joey’s birth an extra special occasion!

In addition to all the youngsters, there is even more to discover this summer up near the hilltop of the Zoo, where visitors can find the new home of our two critically endangered Sumatran tigers. Tiger Tracks features a walkthrough glass tunnel meaning visitors can get closer than ever before to these amazing animals. Immersed in the natural surroundings of the enclosure, watch the tiger pair pounce above in this dynamic new enclosure.

The biggest new attraction, for the smallest of animals, is our brand new Wee Beasties exhibition. This year round, indoor exhibition will be home to a number of exciting species including reptiles, amphibians and insects. Located behind our penguins, this exhibition highlights the importance and diversity of ‘wee beasties’ and the important role they play in our natural world. The new exhibition will also be used to host educational sessions and even some live animal handling.

Come and visit the newest and cutest residents at Edinburgh Zoo, enjoy the summer sun while relaxing in the beautiful site and explore the dynamic new exhibitions and state of the art enclosures.

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