About Story Never Ends in Edinburgh

Love & war, suspense & drama, humour & conflict, Edinburgh’s history weaves an inspiring ever-evolving tale.

Story Never Ends On Arthurs Seat

Edinburgh is a city built on centuries of stories.

From the cafe where a boy wizard was conjured into existence to a warren of underground streets frozen in time, wherever you look in Edinburgh, there are stories from the city’s past just waiting to be explored.

This year, Forever Edinburgh will bring the capital's most fascinating stories to life, shining a light on culture, events and history and how everyone can add to the city’s future. Quite simply, it’s a story that never ends.

We’ve got tales of Edinburgh haunted past, which the city’s past residents are just dying to share with you.

The first in the world to be designated a UNESCO City of Literature in 2004, Edinburgh has a remarkable literary heritage that jumps off the page.

In a city where entertainment is on the cards all year round, let us show you why Edinburgh is worth making a song and dance about.

From stunning architecture to picturesque beaches, in a city where the views are just as refreshing as the welcome, be prepared to be blow-away by Edinburgh.

There’s so much more to Edinburgh than meets the eye.

Play your part in writing Edinburgh's ever-evolving story.  Share your discoveries and new stories with us using #ForeverEdinburgh

Let the stories begin...