Discover Edinburgh's Haunted Past

With its gothic spires soaring about the skyline and narrow cobbled streets & closes winding their way through the city, the majestic landscape of Edinburgh easily lends itself to stories of ghostly presences, tales of mystery & intrigue and hidden secret locations. Renowned as one of the most haunted places in Europe, we have some spine-chilling tales from the darker corners of the city’s history that we’re just dying to share with you - some of which you may want to read with the lights on!

Greyfrairs Graveyard Night Shot

So, join us as we take a wander through the city’s graveyards, spooky attractions and hidden streets and discover more about the residents that used to call Edinburgh home – some of whom have never really left…….!


Spooky attractions in Edinburgh that’ll leave you quaking in your boots

From terrifying tours of Edinburgh’s underground vaults to a theatrical ghost tour round the city on a 1960’s black double-decker bus, there’s certainly no shortage of rides and thrills when it comes to Edinburgh attractions with a high fright factor.

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Family-friendly spooky adventures in Edinburgh

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If your child loves all-things magical, fantastic tales, or just the downright bizarre, then a trip to Edinburgh could be the answer to their dreams! Tales of witches and wizards – not to mention a certain famous boy wizard – are in abundance here. If you’re looking for a family-friendly spooky-filled adventure, be sure to make Edinburgh your next destination.

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Witches in Edinburgh... Hubble, bubble, toil and trouble

91 Witches Well Hero

Sadly, hundreds of men and women were persecuted as perceived witches in Edinburgh during the 16th and 17th centuries.

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Tales beyond the Grave - Stories about the dead and buried

Greyfriars City Of Dead

(Image Credit: City of Dead)

It could be considered somewhat macabre, but a wander round Edinburgh’s historic graveyards are a great way to uncover more about the city’s past and its people. From faithful pups to vengeful poltergeist, there’s certainly one or two tales lurking between the headstones.

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Underground Edinburgh - A city of hidden secrets

TRMKC Botom Of Close

There are so many locations in Edinburgh that we walk past without giving them a second thought. But hidden beneath our feet are some surprising and fascinating stories – you just need to know where to look.

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Historic Buildings in a modern Edinburgh - then and now

Code Pod The Court

And it's not just underneath our feet that the secrets lurkthere are several buildings in the city whose current use is in complete contrast to their original purpose. Their histories might surprise you!

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Spooky Bars in Edinburgh - the perfectly chilled drink

Last Drop

While Edinburgh’s bars are stocked with some of the finest spirits, some of our watering holes are also frequented by spirits of the ghostly nature.

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Haunted Hotels in Edinburgh - 5 star fright factor accommodation

Red Rose Room Borthwick Castle

You want somewhere comfortable to lay your head at night. It seems ghosts are the same!

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Gail Porter’s Guide to the Spooky Side of Edinburgh

Gail Porter Standing In A Graveyard

We were delighted to work with Gail Porter on her top suggestions for exploring Edinburgh’s spooky & darkly decadent side.

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