Food and Drink collage in Edinburgh

Join Edinburgh’s “Taylored Taste Trail”

We are thrilled to invite you to participate in the Forever Edinburgh Taylored Taste Trail, an exclusive culinary adventure designed for ‘Swifties’ in Edinburgh from 06 to 09 June 2024.


What: Prepare to dazzle fans with Taylor Swift-inspired cocktails, mocktails, afternoon teas, cupcakes, brews, icecreams, or other edible items you can dress up. Think creatively and infuse the spirit of music into your offerings.

When: Thursday, 06 June (day before concert) until Sunday 09 June 2024

Who: Local bars, restaurants, hotels, bakeries, and cafes

Why participate

  • Increased economic value – attract fans to your businesses for some unique and one off.
  • Increased Visibility: Your business will be promoted on Forever Edinburgh, with a dedicated landing page on, and a bespoke Tasting Trail map. This map will be featured in promotional activities across Forever Edinburgh, including our newsletters and social media, enhancing your business’s visibility and interaction with our audience.
  • Footfall: By participating, we hope to attract more visitors to your businesses and contribute to spreading footfall across the city, benefiting the entire hospitality and local community.
  • Fun experience: This is an opportunity to offer a unique and memorable experience for Taylor Swift fans, enhancing their overall concert experience and leaving a lasting impression.
  • Community engagement: Join fellow hospitality partners in creating a vibrant and memorable experience that celebrates Taylor Swift’s music and Edinburgh’s hospitality scene.
  • Unify city efforts with a single hashtag: tbc

How will Forever Edinburgh promote the Taylored Taste Trail?

  1. A bespoke ‘Taylored Taste Trail’ downloadable map
  2. A ‘Taylored Taste Trail’ campaign landing page on, living within our ‘Swift Fan Hub’ microsite
  3. The Trail will be incorporated into our ‘Edinburgh Itinerary for Swiftie Fans’
  4. Promotion on Forever Edinburgh’s social media channels
  5. In solus newsletters sent to our resident and visitor databases
  6. Potentially through PR media coverage

Be creative

  • Taylor Swift-inspired cocktails/mocktails: Indulge in Taylor Swift-inspired mixology and craft captivating cocktails inspired by her iconic songs. From creative concoctions to themed flavours, let your cocktails narrate tales of Wildest Dreams and Style. (please do not copy lyrics or song title in their exact form as names and phrases may be trademarked)
  • Taylor Swift-themed cupcakes: Craft mouth-watering cupcakes inspired by Taylor’s chart-topping hits. From colourful decorations to themed flavours, let your cupcakes tell a story of love, resilience and self-expression. Think Blank Space chocolate delights and Shake It Off confetti creations and see where you imagination takes you.
  • Taylor Swift-inspired afternoon teas: Elevate the quintessential British tradition with a Taylor Swift twist. Offer an array of delicate sandwiches, scones and sweets infused with the essence of Taylor’s music. Imagine Enchanted tea blends, Fearless finger sandwiches and Love Story desserts that capture the essence of her songs.

The above is for illustrative purposes only.

Join us in creating an exciting and vibrant atmosphere throughout Edinburgh as we celebrate Taylor Swift’s concert in style. Your creativity and participation will make this event truly special!

We look forward to working with you on this exciting event.

Forever Edinburgh Team


To participate in the Forever Edinburgh Taylored Taste Trail, please sign up by completing this form by 5pm on Thursday 09 May 2024. This deadline takes into account the time we need to design and develop a downloadable map of the Trail, build the campaign landing page, and schedule our communications.

We look forward to collaborating with you and making Edinburgh the world’s BEST city for fans to see Taylor Swift in and for Taylor Swift to perform in. Happy Fans, Happy Band!

For more information, please contact a member of the team at: