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Hidden Gems

Surprises around every corner

West End Hidden Gems M

Aside from the stunning Georgian architecture, there are some surprises worth exploring around the West End.

Either for some quiet contemplation, or to take in the stunning architecture, it’s well worth taking some time to visit St Mary’s Episcopal Cathedral on Palmerston Place. The foundation stone was laid on 21st May 1874 by the Duke of Buccleuch and Queensberry, and the building consecrated on 30th October 1879. There are some impressive artworks within St Mary’s, including The Lorimer Rood Cross, which hangs over the Nave Altar and was designed as part of the National War Memorial by Sir Robert Lorimer and The Paolozzi Window which was designed by local artist Eduardo Paolozzi. It becomes a blaze of light and colour when hit by the Edinburgh sunshine.

West End Hidden Gems

Tucked away on Rutland Court you’ll find a modern-day statue that is easily overlooked as commuters rush by on their way to work. Horse and Rider by Eoghan Bridge (1993) shows a man seated on a rearing horse's back, holding onto the top of its head.