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Fayre Play

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All the fun of the fair – relive your childhood visits to the fun fair with a night out at Fayre Play

Lady on a carousel horse at Fayre Play
  • Lady on a carousel horse at Fayre Play
  • Lady holding a glass of champagne
  • 2 ladies playing darts at Fayre Play
  • Lady playing basketball at Fayre Play
  • Lady playing Hook the Duck at Fayre Play
  • Lady having fun at Fayre Play
  • Man playing Fairground game at Fayre Play
  • Lady holding drink at Fayre Play
  • Lady playing Fairground game at Fayre Play
  • Group of people playing Basketball Hoop at Fayre Play


A fairground attraction where you can embrace your passion for fairground games and practice your skill at shooting hoops, knocking over tins, fishing for ducks to name but a few. Food and drinks are also available.

Situated close to the St James Quarter, Omni Centre and top of Leith Walk, Fayre Play offers a unique experience for the over-18s (ID essential). Various packages offer combinations of options from games only (two rounds) to the full package with drinks, food, and the games.

Ideal for teams or groups looking for a fun evening with a difference, or, just to refresh your skills at the games on offer.

Fayre Play pride themselves on being able to cater for everyone with vegetarian, vegan and gluten free food requirements. They have a discounted package for NHS and Blue Light employees and offer discounts for students on Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday. You can also request a refund on your entry ticket up to the value of a standard Edinburgh Trams return ticket.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the current building it is not accessible to wheelchairs.

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Partially suitable for visitors with limited mobility

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