A woman is standing by the Edinburgh canal in front of a house boat with the city scape behind her. She's holding a floral printed white, gold and dark blue Georgia Victoria purse and wearing a bright red beret. ,© Georgia Victoria
© Georgia Victoria

Georgia Victoria


Georgia Victoria is an Edinburgh-based interior design studio and shop where timeless tradition meets contemporary elegance.

At Georgia Victoria, we're guided by a commitment to the highest quality natural materials and a dedication to luxury interiors that stand the test of time. We thrive on collaboration - bringing together a curated team of visionary and skilled artisans to craft exclusive, bespoke furniture and homes that reflect your unique style and preferences. Rooted in a profound appreciation for Scottish history while still celebrating the contemporary, we specialize in designing interiors and lovingly crafted statement pieces that strike the perfect balance. Georgia Victoria takes pride in seamlessly blending past and present to create spaces and pieces that look and feel just right for you.

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