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Explore Holyrood Park with an expert guide and climb Arthur's Seat, the extinct volcano in the heart of Edinburgh for wonderful views of the city.

  • Person sitting at the summit of Arthur's Seat enjoying the view, Angus Miller, Geowalks
  • View of Arthur's Seat with people using one of the main paths to the summit., Angus Miller, Geowalks
  • Wild Arthur's Seat, Angus Miller, Geowalks


Explore Arthur’s Seat and Holyrood Park in a guided tour with Angus Miller. Most people are interested in climbing to the summit of Arthur's Seat, but there are actually many options for less strenuous walks, and I aim to offer you a safe and interesting tour that will allow you to enjoy the highlights of Holyrood Park. There’s no minimum number, I can do a tour for one person or for twenty-five.

From the meeting point near the Scottish Parliament, we will take a path that gradually climbs towards the summit of Arthur's Seat. Along the way there are plenty of opportunities to stop and enjoy the view, and to find out how the landscape has formed, the human history of the area, and the wildlife that lives in there today.

The paths are rough in places, but even if we decide not to go all the way to the summit you will get great views, fresh air and a good walk!

There are a variety of routes to descend back to the starting point, including steep paths and more gentle, longer routes. We will decide on the day what the best option is. Tours generally last about two hours and there are no toilets or other facilities in the park.

Arthur's Seat is a wild, natural landscape and the paths are rough in places. Depending on the weather and conditions, it may not be possible to climb to the summit but I aim to offer you a safe and interesting tour that will allow you to enjoy the highlights of Holyrood Park.

You need footwear with a good tread and warm, waterproof clothing to participate in this activity, which lasts about two hours. There are no toilets or other facilities in the park. The tour to the summit involves about 4km (2.5 miles) of walking and 200 metres (650ft) of climbing.

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