Gin Cocktail Tour outside Holyrood Distillery with Tour Guide and people on the tour.,© Cameron Ritchie
© Cameron Ritchie

Gin Cocktail Tour Edinburgh

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If you're a fan of cocktails and gin, come and learn about Edinburgh's history with the original 'Dutch Courage' through 7 gins, 5 locations and 4 cocktails


Explore the best gins Edinburgh has to offer on the ultimate Edinburgh Gin Tour.

Enjoy trying 7 very different gins - including 6 locally crafted - as our resident gin connoisseurs provide expert insights into the different gin styles, garnishes, cocktails and more.

Your 3.5-hour adventure begins at one of Edinburgh’s local distilleries, before wandering through the vibrant streets of the trendy Southside, bringing your gin experience to a close at one of Edinburgh’s iconic, traditional pubs.

Our Edinburgh Gin Tour is suitable for all dietary requirements, making it an inclusive experience for gin enthusiasts of all tastes. However, please note that if you don’t like gin or are alcohol-free, one of our other tours may be a better option for you.

Discover the best gin in Edinburgh on the Edinburgh Gin Jaunt and savour the city’s diverse gin culture. Book your gin-tinted adventure today!

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