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Tour guide company offers walking tours of Edinburgh in French

Arthur seat, Tours et détours d'Edimbourg
  • Arthur seat, Tours et détours d'Edimbourg
  • Close in Edinburgh, Tours et détours d'Edimbourg
  • Canongate tollbooth, Tours et détours d'Edimbourg
  • Ramsey Gardens, Tours et détours d'Edimbourg
  • Edinburgh castle, Tours et détours d'Edimbourg


Tours et Détours d'Edimbourg offers a variety of public and private guided walking tours of Edinburgh in French. We have traditional historical tours covering the Old Town and the New Town as well as themed tours around the topics of Harry Potter, ghosts & mysteries, whisky, family friendly, food and Outlander. We also collaborate with partners in and outside Edinburgh that offer day trips. Some of our tours are also available in English. Prices start at £20 per person for a public tour in a group and £165 for a private tour.

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