The frontage of Typewronger Books on a sunny day, there are blackboards advertising our opening hours and the next event, colourful drawings on the windows, and a large red sun shade over the window emblazoned with our logo and website details.,© Tee Hodges
© Tee Hodges

Typewronger Books

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Edinburgh's smallest indie bookshop specialising in new books, indie publications, zines, typewriters, and riso printing.

Typewronger Books is home to a community of readers, writers, artists and musicians. The main shop carries just over two thousand titles, and features sections such as scifi/fantasy, murder, occult, din-dins, science, gender, antiquity, art, books about books, children's books, philosophy, politics, nature, and of course our famous poetry nook.

We run a free events program featuring a play-reading group called Type-CAST! and our notorious Open Mic night (there's a gong!)

Typewriters are everywhere and we have a public machine that is free for anyone to come in and use. We do on occasion sell machines, and can do repair work and servicing. We're always happy to give advice on these machine for free also.

The latest addition to the business is a risograph printing studio located at Edinburgh Palette. We can take on most poster/booklet print jobs, and also offer introductory classes to risograph zine-making.

Typewronger began life as a market stall popping up at the Leith Walk Police Box, and just like the TARDIS on our signage out front runs the message: Advice and Assistance Obtainable Immediately. You can always come in and ask us about anything, especially if it's to do with creative projects and/or publishing. We're a talking shop - some say hi!

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