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Self-guided Tours in Edinburgh

Explore Edinburgh at your own pace with a self-guided tours, offering flexibility and freedom to discover the city’s hidden gems. Armed with maps, audio guides, and clues, these tours are perfect for those who like a mystery or prefer exploring at their own leisure.

Treasure Hunt Edinburgh

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Embark on an exhilarating adventure with Treasure Hunt Edinburgh’s self-guided tours, where exploration meets excitement. Perfect for solo adventures, families or groups of friends, these tours offer a unique way to uncover Edinburgh’s hidden gems whilst solving clues and riddles along the way. Navigate the city’s winding streets and historic landmarks at your own pace, all while challenging your wit and problem-solving skills.

Armed with a map and a set of clues, you’ll unravel mysteries, unlock secrets and uncover surprises whilst exploring places like the Royal Mile, the Old Town, Holyrood Park and many more.

Curious about Edinburgh

Curious about Edinburgh give visitors the chance to discover both the well-known and lesser-known sights of the city. From the ancient cobblestone alleyways of the Old Town to the majestic exterior of Edinburgh Castle, each tour is expertly crafted to lead you to the city’s most captivating sights while exploring its rich history and vibrant culture.

With the option of a treasure hunt theme on your tour, it’s perfect for a day out with family and friends.

Edinburgh Murder Mystery Trail by Killer Trails

Edinburgh Murder Mystery Trail,© Killer Trails
© Killer Trails

Take part in an intriguing adventure through the streets of Edinburgh with the Murder Mystery Trail by Killer Trails. Perfect for thrill-seekers, this immersive experience combines sightseeing with detective skills as you unravel a gripping whodunit. With a series of cryptic clues, explore Edinburgh’s iconic landmarks and hidden corners, piecing together evidence to solve a thrilling murder mystery. From the alleyways of the Old Town to the grandeur of Edinburgh Castle, each location holds clues and secrets waiting to be uncovered.

Whether you’re exploring solo, with friends, or as a family, the Murder Mystery Trail promises an exciting and engaging experience for all ages. Put your sleuthing skills to the test, follow the trail of clues, and see if you have what it takes to crack the case and apprehend the culprit.

Curious Edinburgh

Prefer a deeper exploration into the city and its past? Then Curious Edinburgh could be for you. Developed by the University of Edinburgh, these tours cover everything from WWII Edinburgh and the history of medicine to the Scottish Enlightenment and women in STEM. New content also include tours along the surrounding coastlines. Their stories from the history of Edinburgh will inspire, inform, and amuse both visitors and residents of the city.

You’ll receive a carefully curated map and a wealth of fascinating information, guiding you through Edinburgh’s winding streets and historic landmarks.

Go Quest Adventures

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Embark on an unforgettable adventure with Go Quest Adventures. Their tours involve a fun and interactive treasure-hunt theme. Each tour allows you to explore city attractions, finding hidden gems whilst discovering local history and unique facts about the city. Work together to conquer the quest by solving puzzles, and challenges using clues and hints.

Explore the Old Town and see Edinburgh Castle, the Royal Mile, and learn about ghosts and areas inspiring famous films. Alternatively, explore the New Town and explore from Calton Hill through the streets to Princes Street Gardens and St Andrews Square.