Top places to propose in Edinburgh this leap year

04 February 2020

Couple On Bench

Ladies, thinking of popping the question? Traditionally, 29th February in a leap year is the only date that women can ask their man to marry him, but Edinburgh is full of romantic locations all year round that make the ideal backdrop for your picture-perfect proposal. Whether you're a lovestruck lady or smitten fella, read on to discover some beautiful places in the city to pop the question: 

Calton Hill

Calton Hill View

With breathtaking panoramic views across the city, this is the perfect spot for someone who loves a dramatic setting. 

You can also take your pick of beautiful landmarks to serve as the backdrop as you ask for you beloved's hand - including the Nelson, Dugald Stewart or National Monuments. 

The National Museum of Scotland Rooftop Terrace

National Museum Of Scotland Roof Terrace

The National Museum of Scotland is a beautiful Edinburgh building with lots of great places to pop the question. With Victorian architecture and a gorgeous glass roof, the atrium would certainly be a great option, however it could get a little busy at peak times. 

For a quieter and more secluded spot, consider venturing over to the newer Museum of Scotland building and up to the rooftop terrace. A little bit off the beaten track, there won't be as many people around and you will have a fantastic panoramic view of the city. 

The National Gallery of Scotland

National Gallery

If you're looking to impress an art fanatic, then settings do not get more romantic than the grand galleries in the National Gallery of Scotland, located on The Mound.

These galleries would make a wonderfully lush setting for your big question - with tall ceilings, decadent red wallpaper and some of the greatest works of art in the country. 

Edinburgh Castle 

Edinburgh Castle

As one of the most iconic landmarks in Edinburgh, the Castle is a hugely popular place to propose in the city. From intimate chapels to the mighty esplanade, there are plenty of areas that would be ideal for a romantic proposal. 

To make the moment even more special, you can hire a special private area in the Minstrel's Gallery high above the spectacular Grand Hall, with champagne and flowers also available. 

Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

Botanics Palm House

Greenfingered romantics will be instantly spellbound by the beautiful grounds of the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh. With lots of picturesque secluded areas, it will be easy to find a quiet spot to pop the question. 

If the weather is bad never fear as the glasshouses provide adequate shelter and with lots of brilliant tropical plants (and mostly dry ground), it's also a great place to go down on bended knee. 

Dunbar's Close Gardens

Dunbar Close

Hidden in plain sight just off the Royal Mile, this wonderfully romantic secluded spot is tucked away in the heart of the Old Town. It's quite small, but you can easily get lost in its maze of unusual plants, bushes and fruit trees.  

Its discreet location means that it is usually very quiet - perfect for an intimate, low key proposal. 

Arthur's Seat

Couple On Bench

Make your beloved breathless - quite literally - by proposing on top of Arthur's Seat. This extinct volcano offers the best view of Edinburgh in the entire city, so if you're both fit it is well worth the climb. 

It can get a bit windy on the summit of Arthur's Seat but there are lots of quiet romantic spots around Holyrood Park that are perfect for popping the question. St Margaret's Loch, near the Palace of Holyroodhouse, would make a lovely backdrop, while The Crags (also in Holyrood Park) also offer stunning views for a less challenging hike up. 

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