Official Guide to Edinburgh


Distillery and Brewery Tours in Edinburgh

26 November 2020

Pickerings Gin Stills S

Whether you’re a whisky, gin, rum or beer fan, or simply interested in the magical science behind the process of brewing and distilling, there are numerous places in the city you can visit as part of a guided tour (and sample a few glasses!)

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Dog-friendly Edinburgh

14 October 2020

Lily 2 Summary

As the phrase goes, “every dog has its day” and with more people travelling with pets, an increasing numbers of the city’s hotels, bars and restaurants are allowing dogs to stay, so there’s no need for your furry friends to miss out. We’ve rounded up a selection – guaranteed to provide you and your 4-legged friend with a “pawesome” time in Edinburgh!

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'My Edinburgh will...' - Edinburgh in the Year 2050

16 September 2018

Future Princes Street 735X306

Lucky visitors and residents in Edinburgh were invited recently to experience a taxi ride taking them on a tour of how Edinburgh might look in the year 2050. Read on for a glance into what could be in our city’s future, and be inspired by the Edinburgh of tomorrow…

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