Dog-friendly Edinburgh

01 December 2021

Lily 2 Summary

As the phrase goes, “every dog has its day” and with more people travelling with pets, an increasing numbers of the city’s hotels, bars and restaurants are allowing dogs to stay, so there’s no need for your furry friends to miss out. We’ve rounded up a selection – guaranteed to provide you and your 4-legged friend with a “pawesome” time in Edinburgh!

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Distillery and Brewery Tours in Edinburgh

06 September 2021

Pickerings Gin Stills S

Whether you’re a whisky, gin, rum or beer fan, or simply interested in the magical science behind the process of brewing and distilling, there are numerous places in the city you can visit as part of a guided tour (and sample a few glasses!)

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Autumn Adventures in Fife

25 August 2021

Anstruther Harbour 2 Credit Visitscotland Kenny Lam

From coastal festivals to action-packed sports events, read on to discover more about the adventures you could be having in Fife this autumn!

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Edinburgh's Festival 2021

02 June 2021

Festival Fireworks S

While a lot of Edinburgh’s well-know and world-renowned festivals were sadly cancelled in 2020, the good news is that a lot are coming back in 2021.

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Edinburgh’s Colourful Cherry Blossoms

12 May 2021

Blossom On Princes St Gardens S

From the end of April into May, something magical happens in Edinburgh - pink and white cherry blossom bursts into life, brightening up our city’s parks, gardens and streets.

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International Women's Day 2021

24 February 2021

International Womans Day S

To celebrate International Women's Day, we've rounded up just a small selection of some of inspirational ladies from Edinburgh’s history who championed change, changed attitudes and made the world we know today a better place.

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Celebrate Pancake Day in Edinburgh

15 February 2021

Bluebird Cafe S

If you think Shrove Tuesday is just a good excuse to eat pancakes then, you’re absolutely right! Of course, there are very significant and symbolic reasons we celebrate Shrove Tuesday in Edinburgh, but if you want to forget all that and dive straight into the pancakes, that’s totally fine too!

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LGBTQ+ History Month in Edinburgh

11 February 2021


During the month of February you’ll see more rainbows than usual around Edinburgh. Of course, we’re talking about Pride rainbows, as the whole country celebrates LGBTQ+ History Month.

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Valentine’s Day in Edinburgh

26 January 2021

One Day

You either love or loathe Valentine’s Day. The cynics among us chalk it up to a marketing gimmick. Whilst others dive right in and enjoy every last drop of romance. Whichever way you look at it, we think that the world needs MORE love now than ever before.

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Top Instagram Posts of 2020

23 December 2020

Top Ten Instagram Posts 2020

2020 has been some year. With travel restrictions in place, holidays cancelled, and more of us spending time at home, many of us have taken the opportunity to rediscover our own city.

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'My Edinburgh will...' - Edinburgh in the Year 2050

16 September 2018

Future Princes Street 735X306

Lucky visitors and residents in Edinburgh were invited recently to experience a taxi ride taking them on a tour of how Edinburgh might look in the year 2050. Read on for a glance into what could be in our city’s future, and be inspired by the Edinburgh of tomorrow…

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