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Food and Drink

Michelin-starred dining and cult favourites.

The length and breadth of Edinburgh's food and drink scene is represented here. From Michelin-starred restaurants to cosy pubs and vegan eateries, there's no chance you'll leave Leith hungry.

The food and drink scene in Leith is one of the most exciting in Edinburgh. If you’re after fine dining, the Michelin-starred Kitchin or Restaurant Martin Wishart cannot be missed; not just two of the finest in Edinburgh, they’re renowned throughout the UK for serving inventive, creative and unique cuisine.

If you’re after something less formal but no less tasty, pub-style eateries like The Compass and The Roseleaf give you a relaxed, welcoming venue any time of day with menus you will need to return to again and again, just to try everything on offer. Teuchters Landing offers an extensive drinks and food menu to satisfy any palette, and if you want some authentic Scottish Fish and Chips, check out Pierinos.

Leith Market Casa Roble Inline

For an after-dinner drink, or just for a cheeky beverage after a long day at work, The Lionness of Leith offers an uncomplicated and chilled atmosphere - or check out Boda Bar, where you’ll find a compact venue filled with charm and fun with frequent special events including pub quizzes and even the odd vegan night.

Leith is also home to the renowned Leith Market on Dock Place - a traditional farmers’ market, it’s home to delicious street food, that special something to stock up your kitchen with and beautiful crafts made by local artisans. The Pitt Street market is also a must-visit if you find yourself in Leith on a weekend. This market is famous throughout the city as being a foodie’s paradise. Your taste buds will thank you - as will anyone you bring along.

Leith Market From Above

The cafe scene in Leith is lively, with artisan bakeries serving fresh pastries, coffee and delicious freshly-baked bread.

Wherever you venture in Leith, you’re guaranteed a down to earth, welcoming and authentically Scottish welcome.

Leith Food and Drink: Map

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