Royal College of Surgeons

Royal College Of Surgeons D

World leaders in health care

The Royal College of Surgeons is based in the very heart of Edinburgh city centre. Established in the 1500s, it is the world’s oldest - and most respected - medical institutions.

With a 500+ year history, it has educated some of the world’s most groundbreaking medical experts. It continues to innovate and raise surgical and dental practice standards through short clinical and non-clinical training courses and professional examinations for surgeons and dentists. These occur in Edinburgh and selected overseas centres and are open to professionals of any nationality who meet the entry qualifications.

Quin Hall

The College provides surgical, dental and ophthalmology skills training facilities. It’s also developing links with Edinburgh University for teaching anatomy.

Famous fellows include Lord Lister, known as the father of modern surgery, and Joseph Bell – famously characterised as Sherlock Holmes by Conan Doyle.

Applying to the Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh

There are seven faculties across three campuses (in Edinburgh, Birmingham and Kuala Lumpur) specialising in Dental Surgery, Surgical Trainers, Dental Trainers, Perioperative Care, Remote, Rural and Humanitarian Healthcare and Sports and Exercise Management.

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