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Edinburgh International Festival

23 July 2014

Edinburgh International Festival
8-31 August

All over the world, incredible works of theatre, classical music, opera and dance are created and performed, delighting and inspiring audiences wherever they are. Together they form a network of unparalleled creativity that knows no borders, artists at the top of their game working to ensure the performing arts are constantly evolving.

Perhaps you've been lucky enough to see some of these groundbreaking performances, at the Sydney Opera House, the Bolshoi Theatre, or the Royal Albert Hall. But unless you’re a truly impressive world traveler, it's unlikely you've seen all there is to see. Whether you’re ravenous for more or ready to take your first bite, don’t start booking a round-the-world trip just yet: in Edinburgh, the world’s stages come to you!

A Global Stage

The director of the Edinburgh International Festival travels the world, seeking out these artistic giants and inviting them to the Scottish capital. Thus, once a year, the best of the best are brought together in one place in an unmatched gathering of world-class performance art.

When the festival was established in 1947 it was tasked with the job of encouraging the 'flowering of the human spirit' in post-war Scotland, and in the decades since, it has cultivated a veritable garden of human creativity. At the centre was the Edinburgh International Festival itself, which in turn inspired many of Edinburgh's other festivals to establish their own presences - all helping to earn the Scottish capital its nickname, the Festival City.

At the Edinburgh International Festival, all of human experience is available for exploration, in performances that effortlessly combine the traditional and time-tested with inventive, modern techniques. Powerful theatre pieces delve into tragedy and war; sumptuous dances flirt with romance and heartbreak; opera singers project the sound of protest; orchestras transport us through vistas of religion, love and death.

Performers hail from Australia, South Africa, Canada, Russia, Germany, Poland and a myriad of other nations, creating a truly international festival experience. And as well as the international productions, the EIF commissions the best Scottish companies to create new and expressive works that capture the national imagination, sparking discussion and allowing visitors to discover Scotland in inventive ways.

The Edinburgh International Festival is dedicated to being accessible to all sectors of society, offering tickets at a range of prices and multiple concessions, ensuring everyone and anyone can enjoy these wonderful productions. For more information, to view the full programme and book tickets, see the festival’s website

Images and copy thanks to Edinburgh Festivals.